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Not sure what to say in your Instagram caption or blog post introduction? Generate marketing copy, social ads, blog writing, tag lines, website content, and more in seconds with a free ai writer tool. Access an instant ai writing generator, sentence expander AI, and AI text generator all for free with Simplified's all-in-one AI content writer. Don't waste a second staring at a blank screen. Effective, on-brand, and free copy AI is just a click away.

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The Free AI Copywriting Tool For Everything

AIDA Framework

Don't waste a second figuring out how to persuade your customers. Let Simplified's free AI writing generator create convincing marketing copy that uses the AIDA framework in seconds.

Amazon Product Listing

Write on-brand, convincing copy for your Amazon product listings that get seen, get clicked, and help you sell more products. Simplified's free AI writer can instantly generate a keyword-optimized product description that performs well on Amazon and search engines.

Before-After-Bridge Framework

Generate marketing copy that converts with the proven Before-After-Bridge framework. Our free AI writing generator can write compelling, free copy AI that brings in customers and scales up your business fast.

Blog Idea Generator

Instantly generate blog topics and blog ideas with Simplified's free AI writing generator. Plan your blog content in seconds with a free copywriting generator that never runs out of ideas.

Blog Title Generator

Get SEO-optimized, blog titles that convert in a few clicks. Simplified's free AI writer can use a few keywords about your business and turn them into a list of compelling blog titles and headlines that get clicked.

Blog Outlines

Generate a blog outline in one click with the free AI writing generator. Just type in a blog topic and the copy generator will instantly write a clear, thoughtful blog outline, complete with SEO-focused section headings.

Blog Conclusion Paragraph

Wrap up your blog with a conclusion paragraph they'll remember. The free AI paragraph generator can instantly create a compelling blog conclusion paragraph with an effective call to action, so your readers know what to do next.

Company Bio

Need company bios for a pitch deck or website? Generate one fast with the free AI writer. Just tell Simplified's AI what you do and watch as it produces a company bio that makes you stand out.

Content Rewriter

Rewrite, improve, or change the tone of your marketing copy, blog posts, IG captions, and more with the AI Content Rewriter. Whether you're a copywriter looking to rewrite a rough draft or a social media manager looking for a funnier caption, our free AI writer will help you generate crisp, new copy without the work.

Explain a Concept to My 3 Year Old

Create easy explainers and break down complicated topics in an instant. Whether you're explaining Bitcoin, the end of Inception, or what your product does, our AI writing generator can help you break it down for everyone. No jargon or complicated words. Just simple, direct language that works.

Facebook Ad Headlines

Write catchy headlines for Facebook ads in one click. Just type in your business name, share a little description, and pick a few keywords you want to target. Our copywriting generator will instantly write good Facebook Ad headlines that you can use right away.

Facebook Ad Primary Text

Don't waste time wondering what to say to your customers. Instantly generate Facebook Ad Primary Text using the free copy generator. Get on-brand ideas and examples of Facebook Ad Primary Text that you can A/B test and experiment with.

Hashtag Generator

Instantly generate hashtags that get you noticed with Simplified's hashtag generator. Find the right communities online using our free copywriting ai that can generate relevant, strategic hashtags that will grow your impressions, followers, and business.

Landing Page

Write eye-catching hero text and descriptions for your landing pages in seconds. Simply type in what you offer and let the free copywriting generator generate landing page content and marketing copy that performs well online.

LinkedIn Ads

Easily write and test more ad copy variations to increase sales and improve click-through rates. Simplified's marketing copy generator can help you create efficient, persuasive ad copy for LinkedIn that gets you discovered by the right customers.

Pain Agitate Solution Framework

Don't waste a second figuring out how to persuade your customers. Let Simplified's free marketing copy generator create convincing marketing copy that uses the PAS framework in seconds.

Persuasive Bullet Points

It takes work to articulate what your company does best in a few words. Simplified's AI copywriting tool can help you come up with impactful persuasive bullet points that share your strengths.

Product Description

Sell more with interesting product descriptions generated by our AI copy generator free. Simplified's free copywriting AI can instantly generate a keyword-optimized product description that performs well on online marketplaces and search engines.

Review Responder

Quickly reply to customer reviews with Simplified's AI copywriting Review Responder. Reply to reviews in minutes and grow your eCommerce business with lightning-fast copy AI responses.

Sentence Expander

Get a powerful sentence expander for free. If you're having trouble getting inspired or coming up with ideas, use Simplified’s AI copywriting tool to expand a sentence and get those creative juices flowing.

Social Media Quotes

Write exciting social media quotes with copy AI. Don't waste time browsing endless lists for inspirational quotes. Generate dozens in a few seconds with Simplified's free AI copywriting tools. Perfect for Instagram captions, social graphics, and more.


Write Instant Subheadings with the AI copywriter and see more conversions in less time. Simplified's subheading generator writes fast and friendly subheading copy that understands what customers search for

Youtube Video Description

Instantly generate Youtube video descriptions that perform well when your viewers search for your content with Simplified's free copy generator.

Youtube Video Titles

Simplified's free Youtube Video title generator can use a few keywords about your business and turn them into a list of compelling video titles that get clicked. Get SEO-optimized, copy that converts in a few clicks.


Why should I use an AI Content Generator?
Whether you're a professional copywriter or a marketer looking to add more skills, great marketing starts with great copy. An AI copy generator free can generate efficient, persuasive copy that brings in your customers, without taking up more of your time. Save time and money on content creation with Simplified's free AI content writing tool.
Is there a free version of Simplified?
Yes! We have a Free Forever plan, which will stay free...forever. If you're an agency, freelancer, or team looking to use our essential features, this is the plan for you. Get unlimited design projects, 1000+ fonts, millions of photos, thousands of templates and icons instant publishing, and 1GB of storage.
How do I get started Locking and Unlock Elements?
Head over to to get started for free. Sign in, receive your verification link, verify your account, and build your dream branding. We've got tons of helpful blogs and videos to assist you along the way.
Why should I switch to Simplified?
What's not to love! We are the only AI platform in the world that lets you design branding, create copy, and comment in real-time with co-workers and clients.

Simplified is also great for collaboration, especially when you're scaling your company. Our real-time collaboration features, shared folders, multiple workspaces, and unlimited brand kits help you organize and juggle more projects, clients, and teams!

Plus, we think all your marketing should be in one place, so we built design, video, collaboration, publishing, and AI copywriting all into one app.
What if I have no experience in design or copywriting?
Don't sweat it, we've got you covered! With hundreds of stunning customizable design templates as well as photo, video, and graphic assets, you'll never have to start from scratch again. You can feed our AI any words, phrases, or even websites you love, and it will have a one-of-kind copy ready for you in seconds!
How do I create a new workspace?
Log in to, click on the Workspace icon next to the Simplified logo, create a new workspace, and give it a name. Then you can add members in the upper right corner and type in your team member's emails to invite them!
How quickly can I get customer support?
Chat with us right inside the app or send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. We'd love to hear from you!

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Our Users Love Simplified



Deals Bought: 85

All in one, time saving, easy to use tool

Simplified is a great tool to create beautiful visuals for your designs, and I love its simplicity. The best part of Simplified is its UX. It’s user-friendly, and you don’t have to spend time learning the tools. It helps to create amazing designs with very little effort and very little time. Read more...

Oct. 9, 2021, 5:13 a.m.



Deals Bought: 1


I am a Designer and Business owner and looking for an all-in-one tool sometimes.Finally, I found this Great tool SIMPLIFIED. It's saved me a lot of time on Designing, Ideasand ready to post to all my Social Media. Read more...

Oct. 11, 2021, 4:38 p.m.


Deals Bought: 123

Simplifying My Design Work Across Europe and Asia

I have bought several AI writing tool but SIMPLIFIED made my marketing work simpler as it very fast became my 1 stop solution for my social media marketing collaterals. From rewording my blog posts, to my ads, to my photo captions and even my regular articles and posts, the AI writer does its work well. Read more...

Oct. 14, 2021, 2:51 a.m.


User in Accounting

AI blog writing assistant

I absolutely love the AI blog writing content writer - it makes blog writing so much easier

Dec 13, 2021


Jarurattanakua Nichamon

Verified user

Easy .... Easy

Having multiple tools integrated within a program. The contents and captions generator is great for a novice like me who use this to market our products on social media

Oct 21, 2021

Vincent-Ray Viray

Verified user

Simplified: All in One Platform For Everything you need about Content Creation

Best for this software, EVERYTHING.I love using this software, it's simple, fast and most efficient software i have used. most of i use AI software and video editing for social media have a lot of weird and complicated Read more...

Dec 10, 2021

Zaheer Sher

Verified user

simplified the AI Writing tool is one of the best Writing tool i have ever use

I like all the features given by this awesome Ai writing tool to complete all of your writing needs no matter it's about which one field it can for your business and also for your writing journey.

Nov 26, 2021

Inam Khan

Verified user

The Best AI Writer

The Best AI writer i have came across, super easy, super fast, and amazingly great writing that your customers or clients fell in love with. very helpful and amazing.

Nov 5, 2021

Christopher Newnham

All-in-One Graphic Designer and AI Writer

- The UI/UX is brilliant and allows quick access to all required features (as well as nicely advertises any new features recently added).
- The tool is multifunctional (it's both a graphic designer and GPT-3 writer), so you can swap easily between the long-form Gpt-3 editor and the graphic designer. Read more...

Oct 25, 2021


Deals Bought: 80

Free up more time for you and your business

Simplified AI has been a game-changer for me. It has saved me time and effort in creating new designs, unique and high-quality content. I am using millions of photos, video templates, hashtag generators, and more for my blogs/agency. Read more...

Oct. 9, 2021, 4:57 p.m.


Deals Bought: 8

Great Solution for Content Creation workflow

I was surprised at the variety of solutions Simplified can offer. I was looking for an AI writer and chose this because it gave me good results in the free trial AND offered graphic templates. So I now have a simple way to create blog post featured images and social share images without needing Canva. Read more...

Nov. 10, 2021, 1:50 a.m.


Administrator in Alternative Medicine

Verified user

great content writing service

The content written by the is the best and sometimes the content generated by the app looks like that it has been written by a human it is intelligent software.

Nov 25, 2021


Administrator in Marketing and Advertising

Verified user

The best Site to rewritting

I was looking for a complete tool to be able to rewrite my texts for my blog and after a lot of searching I found Simplified. It's honestly one of the best tools I've found and the value is very fair. I'm even using it every day.

Jan 5, 2022

Ife'ka Terry

Great software

I was glad the day I discovered this website/software. As the name indicates, it makes the process of creating content for publication incredibly easy. Read more...

Oct 20, 2021

Wihanga Kumara


Don't have time to master photoshop, premiere pro for your content creation?Tired of using softwares like Canva with the same-old limited features?Need an easy-to-use software to convert your creative thoughts into fantastic content?SIMPLIFIED is the answer. Read more...

Jan 10, 2022

Sandeep Raut

Verified user

Fabulous work done by Loki - Simplified AI writer

I have purchased aboThe AI Writer - Loki is the best. I tested did test various AI copywriters in the market and then zeroed down on Simplified - Loki the AI copywriter. It covers almost all the objectives anyone Read more...

Oct 20, 2021

Benny Voon

Verified user


The AI Copywriting is Great which helps me a lot and Save my time in minutes.The UI and UX are nice and stable.Unlimited Own Brand Kits.

Oct 14, 2021


Mary Grace Gargar

Verified user

Best ever!

I like all its features, from making a banner, creating content to generating corresponding and accurate hashtags.

Jan 11, 2022



Deals Bought: 139

Simplified is simply awesome

I am extremely happy with my purchase of Simplified. The founder has been a true visionary, responding to our feedback and adding amazing new features along the way. The AI engine has been a game-changer for me. Read more...

Oct. 10, 2021, 6:52 a.m.


Deals Bought: 15

Simplified is an awesome tool!

I am not a designer. But I handle the marketing materials for my company. With Simplified, I can quickly create an eye-catching banner(much better than I previously did with photoshop) just like a pro. In addition, Simplified gives me more ideas for what I want to do. Read more...

Oct. 12, 2021, 7:34 a.m.


Deals Bought: 1

Simplified is a marketer's dream 🔥🔥🔥

Simplified helps me automate 2 hours of manual work every day! I've been using it for months now, And I'm not going to look back. From creating Instagram posts to writing catchy LinkedIn ads in SECONDS! This tool has unified my marketing team, content team, and design team all in one tab. Read more...

Oct. 12, 2021, 7:34 a.m.



Deals Bought: 123

Really like this app

I'm very impressed with so far. The AI copywriter as well as the tutorial videos have been well worth the money. Thanks

Oct. 22, 2021, 9:36 p.m.


User in Health, Wellness and Fitness

Verified user

How to write articles in 10 minutes

it made my work easy. i was able to write articles very fast. many ideas very generated which were helpful for me. i could easily choose different ideas from countless options

Nov 4, 2021

Rowena Wiseman

Verified user

Excellent AI for copywriting

The longform copywriting mode is excellent. Easier to use than Jarvis Ai. And it is far more affordable. Easy commands, you just right click and go write section or continue. Read more...

Nov 24, 2021

Jon Wilton

Verified user

Incredible number of tools in one place! One platform for all your needs.

Really powerful and intuitive. We were amazed at how many tools this packs under the hood. More intuitive to use than many similar products such as Spark and Canva. Read more...

Dec 1, 2021

Caroline Ang

Verified user

Powerful all-in-1 design, copy and content planning tool

I have purchased about 50 software this year and saw that Simplified has integrated Canva, Rytr, Nichesss, CrawlQ, and Content Planner into a single dashboard. This is very useful for me as a social media manager cum content producer and social media manager. Read more...

Oct 13, 2021


Navaneeth Madugula

Verified user

Excellent Tool for Digital Media Publishing Design and AI Content Writing

User Friendly
* AI content Writing*Design and publish content on social media instantly
*Thousands of free Images and design templates available for ready to use
*Brilliantly simplified:)

Dec 3, 2021