What do you mean by Duet?

"Duet" is a TikTok feature that enables users to produce split-screen videos in conjunction with another user's video.

What is the meaning of "duet" on TikTok?

The term "duet" on TikTok refers to a feature that allows users to engage in collaborative performances with another user, such as singing a duet or participating in a synchronized dance routine.

Duetting is a widely used feature among TikTokers for collaboration, talent display, and participation in challenges and trends. It fosters the creation of captivating and interactive content with others, contributing to a sense of community and connection on the platform.

How can I create a duet?

To create a duet on TikTok, choose the video you wish to duet with and tap on the "Share" button.

Then, select the "Duet" option, which generates a split-screen video presenting the original video on one side and your own video on the other. You can then perform alongside the original video by lip-syncing, singing, dancing, or adding your own commentary or reaction to the video.

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