Fax, No Printer

What do you mean by "Fax, No Printer"?

The phrase "Fax, no printer" is a colloquial expression that conveys strong agreement, similar to saying "that's absolutely true" or "you're completely right."

What is the origin of the expression "Fax, no printer"?

This phrase originates from the analogy of a fax machine, which used to be a common method of electronically transmitting documents. When someone says "fax," they are essentially affirming, "I strongly agree with what you just said, and it's so undeniably true that I would transmit it via fax without the need to print it."

Here's an example of the phrase "fax, no printer" used in a sentence:

"We should definitely gather the whole gang for Tyler's birthday, you understand," her friend suggested. "No doubt. Fax, no printer," she replied.

The inclusion of "no printer" further underscores the straightforwardness and authenticity of the statement. It implies that the truth is so evident and self-explanatory that there is no requirement for any additional clarification or evidence

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