Goblin Mode

What do you mean by Goblin Mode?

The term "Goblin Mode" is a social media expression used to describe a state of unapologetic self-indulgence, laziness, or greed.

What is the meaning of Goblin Mode?

The term "Goblin Mode" is often humorously used on social media to imply that someone has reached a point where they no longer care about other people's opinions and are solely focused on self-indulgence. Being in "Goblin Mode" can involve activities like spending the entire day eating unhealthy food while watching TV, dressed in dirty sweatpants, and surrounded by clutter.

What is the origin of the term Goblin Mode?

In 2022, "Goblin Mode" was declared Oxford's Word of the Year, chosen to capture the prevailing sentiment of that time. The term initially emerged on Twitter in 2009 but gained widespread attention in the spring of 2022 when a satirical tweet went viral, claiming that rapper Kanye West ended his relationship with actress Julia Fox because he disliked it when she "went goblin mode."

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