GRWM (Get Ready with Me)

What do you mean by GRWM?

"GRWM," short for "Get Ready With Me," is a trending social media hashtag and phenomenon. It involves sharing a video or a series of photos that document the process of preparing for an event or activity.

This popular trend is applicable to various occasions, ranging from casual outings with friends to formal evening events. GRWM content, often posted on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, features beauty influencers and content creators displaying their skills and techniques to engage their audience.

Wondering how to film a GRWM video? Crafting a GRWM video is an enjoyable way to exhibit your beauty routine and style choices to your viewers.

Below are steps to guide you in creating a GRWM video:

  • Plan your video: Consider the event you're preparing for and tailor your video accordingly. Determine the desired style and tone, as well as which aspects of your routine you wish to highlight.
  • Set up your filming space: Find a well-lit area with a neutral backdrop, such as a plain wall or backdrop. Ensure the lighting is adequate for clear visibility of your makeup and outfit.
  • Gather your supplies: Collect all the makeup, beauty tools, outfit, and accessories required to create your desired look.
  • Begin filming: Switch on the camera and start recording. Begin by introducing yourself and explaining the occasion for which you're preparing. Then, guide your audience through your step-by-step beauty routine, showcasing your makeup application, hairstyling, and outfit selection.
  • Provide commentary: As you progress through each step of your routine, offer commentary to describe your process and provide tips and advice to your viewers.
  • Share your video: Once filming and editing are complete, upload your video to social media to share it with your audience. Include relevant hashtags and captions to increase its visibility to a broader audience.

By following these steps, you'll be able to create an entertaining and captivating GRWM video that showcases your beauty routine, style choices, and personality.

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