Instagram Highlight covers

What do you mean by Instagram Highlight Covers?

Instagram Highlight covers are images utilized to label and categorize Instagram Highlights. If you're not familiar with Instagram Highlights, they are essentially Stories that have been saved to a user's profile, allowing them to remain accessible even after the 24-hour expiration period.

Located at the bottom of your Instagram profile, these Highlight covers contribute to the initial impression users form of your brand.

Strategic utilization of Instagram Highlight covers is crucial for effectively leveraging Instagram Highlights.

When designing your Instagram Highlight covers, it's advisable to use colors and filters that not only enhance the visual appeal but also maintain a consistent look and feel across your Instagram page. Aim to incorporate color combinations and visuals that align with your brand's social media style.

You have the option to edit your Stories Highlight cover by either repositioning an image from one of your Stories or uploading a new photo.

Here are some tips for creating Highlight covers for Instagram:

  • Brand your highlight covers: Incorporate your brand colors, along with icons or words that accurately represent each Highlight. Consider the colors, fonts, and tone you use, ensuring that your Highlight cover designs align with your business.
  • Use high-quality photos: It may seem obvious, but employing high-resolution images for your Highlight covers is essential. Remember that aesthetics are important on Instagram, and your Highlight covers are among the first things users see on your profile, so making a positive initial impression is crucial.
  • Be clear, precise, and organized: Keep your Highlight covers simple and easily legible. They should not attempt to convey the entire story but rather entice your audience to explore further. Curate your Highlight covers with a clear purpose in mind.

To create Instagram Highlight covers, you can:

  • Pull them from your story: In your story, navigate to the Highlight section in the bottom right corner and select the Highlight you wish to add. Alternatively, tap "new" to create a new highlight, then tap "add."
  • Create them through your profile: On your profile, tap the "+New" button to the left of your current Highlights. From there, choose the Story you want to add to your new highlight.
  • Design custom Instagram Highlight covers: Utilize design tools like Canva to craft personalized Instagram Highlight covers.

By paying attention to the design and organization of your Instagram Highlight covers, you can enhance the visual appeal of your profile and provide a seamless branding experience for your audience.

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