Instagram pod

What do you mean by Instagram Pod?

Instagram can be a valuable asset for social media marketing, particularly for visually-oriented brands. However, understanding how to optimize content for the Instagram algorithm is crucial if businesses want their posts to be prominently featured in users' news feeds.

In 2016, Instagram implemented algorithm changes that prioritize engagement and recency. Essentially, posts with the highest engagement, such as likes and shares from followers within a short period after posting, are given higher visibility.

To enhance timely engagement, some brands and influencers began utilizing Instagram pods. An Instagram pod consists of a group of users who agree to like and comment on each other's posts with the aim of mutual growth.

How does an Instagram pod function?

The purpose of an Instagram pod is to amplify engagement on your posts, increasing the likelihood of appearing on the Instagram Explore page. However, joining a pod typically involves certain requirements.

While specific rules may vary among pods, general guidelines include:

  • Promptly like and comment to leverage the timeliness factor of Instagram's algorithm.
  • Avoid using the pod chat for networking; direct messages are more appropriate for connecting with individuals.
  • Reciprocate engagement by consistently liking and commenting on other members' posts.

Since pods heavily rely on these specific tactics, they can be perceived as a means of gaming the system and may not contribute significantly to long-term genuine engagement.

Will an Instagram pod benefit your metrics?

An Instagram pod can offer some benefits for developing your social media presence. For instance, it can help you connect with industry peers, and the initial engagement on your posts may increase their visibility on the Explore page, attracting authentic brand enthusiasts. If the pod is genuinely relevant to your niche, you may also gain highly engaged followers through it.

However, it's important to note that Facebook and Instagram do not fully endorse Instagram pods.

According to Buzzfeed, Facebook started removing certain pod groups in 2018. These pods engaged in tactics like trading likes to manipulate the Instagram algorithm. Although the strategy has not been officially banned, it exists in a gray area, and it's possible that the algorithm could be further updated to diminish any current advantages.

The drawbacks of Instagram pods

Ultimately, an Instagram pod rarely serves as a valuable long-term strategy. The engagement you receive will primarily come from members who are obligated to interact with your posts. This means that the outcomes of your campaigns will be skewed, making it difficult to differentiate between genuine likes and requested likes.

Additionally, Instagram pods may lead to additional issues, including:

  • Lazy commenting: Some pod members may resort to copy-pasting generic comments.
  • Suspicious activity: Your target audience may notice when the same individuals repeatedly like and comment on your posts.
  • Unbalanced ratios: An unusual ratio between likes and comments may raise suspicion.

In essence, while an Instagram pod may provide initial engagement, it is not conducive to sustainable long-term growth.

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