What does it mean to be "ratioed"?

Being "ratioed" refers to a situation where a post receives a significantly higher number of negative or critical replies or comments compared to positive engagement. This imbalance between the responses indicates that the post has generated more criticism, disagreement, or negative feedback than support or agreement.

The concept of ratioing suggests that the online community has strongly opposed or reacted negatively to the post or statement. It often implies that the content is controversial, poorly received, or provokes intense reactions and debates.

It's important to understand that ratioing is not always a definitive measure of a post's quality or value. Various factors, such as the user's follower count, the topic being discussed, or the specific online community in which the post is shared, can influence the ratio.

What is the origin of the term "Ratio"?

The term "Ratio" originated from the observation that the comment section of a post appears disproportionate when compared to the number of likes or retweets. This visual representation of a lack of support or agreement with the original post led to the term "ratio" being used to describe such situations.

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