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Optimize Slideshow Creation Process with AI for Optimal Results

Craft captivating slideshows smoothly with our advanced AI-driven slideshow maker. Our AI Quick Tools intelligently select and organize your media, while our Design with AI feature enhances your slides with dynamic transitions and suggested music. Ideal for both personal memories and professional Slides, our platform guarantees visually impressive creations tailored to your preferences. Dive into the power of our AI slideshow maker today!

How to Create Slideshow with AI


On the Design Dashboard, click ' Generate with AI ' and then select AI Presentation


Enter the topic you want your slides on and then Click on Generate


Voila! Your visually stunning and relevant Slides are generated in no time.

Start with AI Slides for free and make preparing Slides simple and quick.

Create a Slideshow with AI
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Ensure Perfect Fit Every Time with AI Magic Resize Function

Customize your slideshows for any platform with AI Magic Resize. Our online slideshow maker automatically adjusts your media's layout, size, and scale for optimal viewing on various devices, from smartphones to large-scale displays. This feature eliminates guesswork and manual adjustments, saving time and ensuring a smooth viewing experience. With Carousel functionality, showcasing your content is seamless, and Drag & Drop Assets further simplifies the creation process. Experience the convenience and success of our best slideshow maker today!

Create Engaging Slideshows with Updated Text Styles and Icons

Design compelling slideshows easily with our AI slideshow maker. Our AI-powered slideshow maker ensures a clear focus on your subject matter, enhancing your slides with the Text Styles feature for a professional look with 30+ predefined formats. Additionally, our Icons & Visuals tool offers a wide array of graphics to complement your content consistently. This AI slideshow maker is invaluable for marketers and photographers needing to highlight products or subjects without manual editing. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our slideshow maker today!

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Collaborative AI Slideshow Maker for Teams

Empower your team with our team-oriented AI slideshow maker. Designed for collaborative work, our platform enables multiple team members to contribute and edit slideshows in real time. With intuitive features and customizable tones, creating engaging visual stories together has never been easier. Maximize teamwork potential with our AI slideshow maker today!

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AI Slideshow Maker FAQ’s

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How to Craft a Slideshow with AI Assistance?

Crafting slides with AI assistance involves utilizing specialized tools such as Simplified. These tools integrate AI-powered design functionalities, facilitating the swift and efficient creation of visually striking and polished slides.

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Are there any complimentary versions of Simplified on offer?

Whether you're presenting a business proposal, conducting a workshop, or disseminating research findings, the Simplified AI Slideshow Maker caters to your diverse needs. From comprehensive reports to dynamic pitches, it fulfills a wide array of requirements naturally.

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Are all the components in the template editable?

Users have the flexibility to customize text, images, and generated elements according to their preferences. The platform offers an intuitive interface equipped with drag-and-drop editing functionality, catering to both novices and experienced designers for the easiest creation of distinctive presentations.

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Will I be able to access various slide layouts and designs?

Absolutely! Simplified Slides AI boasts a plethora of visually stunning templates spanning different styles. Choose from minimalist designs to intricate infographics that complement your message seamlessly. Additionally, delve into our extensive template library for even more alternatives.

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I frequently collaborate with colleagues on presentations. Does the tool facilitate teamwork?

Of course! Our Paid Plans make it easier for your team members to collaborate on slides. No matter how far away someone is, everyone may edit and provide real-time feedback to promote transparent teamwork.

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An Innovative All-in-One Solution for Productivity and Engagement

The platform's webinar presentation tools are intuitive and user-friendly. I could effortlessly design visually appealing slides and incorporate multimedia elements.

5/5  Stars


Pretty darn amazing

I was originally interested in the AI presentation creation. I went down the rabbit hole and made a video presentation. This is great for creating graphics, copy and presentation. I've only begun to explore and I am incredibly impressed.

4.5/5  Stars


A Game-Changer in AI - Simplified Review

One of the standout features of Simplified is its user-friendly interface. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to AI technology, Simplified makes it easy to harness the power of artificial intelligence without feeling overwhelmed.

5/5  Stars


Easy to use

You just need to write a short explanatory sentence to get the desired results! There is a built-in chat to keep improving the presentation. It's easier to use than other presentation tools.

5/5  Stars


AI based swiss knife for a any Digital Marketer

AI capabilites of Simplified are amazing. You can genrate an image from a text command. You can make a carousel fo a Linkedin post in no time. You can make amzing AI presentations with ease. The possibiliteis are so many.

5/5  Stars


AI Presentation tool

AI presentation tool is very helpful for my day to day official work and I really aprriciate simplified for this amazing platform.

5/5  Stars

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