What do you mean by Gatekeeping?

Gatekeeping involves the deliberate withholding of information to maintain exclusivity. For instance, when a creator refuses to disclose the source of something they possess out of fear that it will become unavailable. Take, for example, Kylie Jenner, who has been criticized for this behavior.

What does gatekeeping mean in the context of social media?

Gatekeeping on social media refers to intentionally keeping information, knowledge, access, or opportunities to oneself and not sharing them with others.

What does gatekeeping mean in real life?

Gatekeeping, in general, refers to the act of controlling or limiting access or participation in a specific group, community, or culture. In the realm of online communities, gatekeeping involves individuals or groups defining acceptable behavior within a community and deciding who is allowed to be part of it.

Why is gatekeeping considered negative?

Gatekeeping can be problematic because it hampers the free flow of information and restricts the representation of diverse perspectives and experiences.

In summary, gatekeeping has a significant impact on the dynamics of online communities, and it is crucial to recognize its consequences and strive to create inclusive and welcoming environments.

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