Opp (Opponent or Opposition)

What do you mean by "Opp"?

"Opp" is a colloquial abbreviation for the term "opponent" or "enemy." It is commonly employed to designate an individual seen as a rival or someone involved in a conflict or disagreement.

What are the origins of the term "Opp"?

The term "Opp" emerged within the rap or hip-hop culture, primarily used to refer to competing artists, groups, or individuals engaged in a competitive or confrontational relationship.

How is "Opp" utilized in a sentence?

Furthermore, it can be employed more broadly to describe anyone perceived as an adversary or someone holding an opposing stance in a matter or disagreement. For instance, one might say, "All I see is an opp" or "He is a genuine opp."

As a verb, it can also be used in phrases such as "opp someone" or "opp out," indicating the act of engaging in conflict or taking action against someone.


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