What is an accountant in internet slang?

"The term 'accountant' is commonly used as a discreet way to avoid discussing one's actual profession and is often slang for 'sex work.'

The viral TikTok trend 'I'm an Accountant' originated as a means to circumvent community guidelines and censorship on TikTok. It began in July 2020 when a TikTok user named Rocky Panterra, who identified as a 'struggling actor,' sang about how it was simpler to lie and claim to be an accountant instead of explaining his real career.

In his song, Panterra expresses, 'I'm a struggling actor, but when a stranger asks about my occupation, I prefer to smile and confidently state that I work full-time as an accountant. People tend to refrain from asking further questions when you mention being an accountant.' Panterra suggests that the accounting profession is perceived as complex and therefore discourages further inquiries.

Presently, this term is widely adopted by individuals involved in adult content creation or the adult entertainment industry to discuss their line of work."

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