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Dedicated Project and Client Spaces

One-Central Place for Marketing Campaigns

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Improve Your Teams Productivity with more Organization and Flexibility

Gone are the days of cluttered email chains, disorganized documents and assets, and the stress of keeping track of project statuses. With Teamspaces, you can easily view the progress of every campaign or project, find and store all of your creative assets, and even track and measure results with our analytics. And not to mention all without ever switching a tab! Simplified's all-in-one AI-powered platform is the only tool your team needs to collaborate, design, and scale your marketing.

How To Use Teamspaces

Find the 'Teamspaces' section on the left-hand side of the home page. (Only available on Business or Growth Plans)
Click the '+' to create and name your 'space.' Add a description and set permission to 'Open', 'Closed', or 'Private'
Invite Members to the space and set permissions(Ie. Approver, Creator, Full Member, Admin)
Select the type of project you want to work on, Design, Video, Copywriting, or Publishing, and begin working
Start with Simplified’s Long-Form Writer.
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Collaborate with Members and Guests Effortlessly

From conception to planning, creating to publishing, Teamspaces lets you add specific team members to spaces created for each campaign or client. Plus, you can assign specific roles, permissions, and tasks to each team member, so everyone knows where and when they're needed! Members of workspaces can also leave comments and feedback in real time, making collaboration seamless.

Create Individual Spaces for Your Projects and Clients

Imagine having all of your design teams work for a campaign in one place while the copywriting team's work for the same campaign is in another–but all under one workspace and subscription! With Teamspaces, it's possible! You can create dedicated spaces for you and your team to collaborate on specific marketing campaigns and projects for the same or different clients. Teamspaces makes managing multiple projects, assets, and clients a breeze.

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Do More, Learn More With Simplified

Simplified blog is a great place to learn from the best in Instagram marketing. Whether you want to bulk up on social media knowledge or get your first followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simplified Teamspaces?

Teamspaces is a tool created within Simplified for marketing teams to customize workspaces for specific teams, departments, clients, campaigns, or however they need. The tool helps teams collaborate more effectively and stay organized while working on various projects for various clients.

Why should I use Simplified Teamspaces?

If you work with two or more people, have two or more clients, and want to scale, Teamspaces is the best tool for helping you do it. The tool helps you to manage each of your clients and their projects in different workspaces, plus collaborate with your team with features like real-time commenting, statuses, and more. Teamspaces helps you with everything your team needs to stay organized and increase productivity.

Can I try Simplified for teams for free?

There is no free trial available for Simplified Teamspaces. To use the tool, you must have a Business or Growth Plan.

How much does Teamspaces cost, and will I be charged for each member?

The Business plan starts at $50 per/month with up to 5 members on a team, which all have access to Teamspaces. You can add an unlimited guest for free. See more on our pricing.

Supercharge Your Teams' Productivity With Team Spaces

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Great software

I was glad the day I discovered this website/software. As the name indicates, it makes the process of creating content for publication incredibly easy.



Free up more time for you and your business

Simplified AI has been a game-changer for me. It has saved me time and effort in creating new designs, unique and high-quality content. I am using millions of photos, video templates, hashtag generators, and more for my blogs/agency.


Amanda Weston

AI Content Creator

I love it! The simplicity of writing and designing in one app 🎉 Makes social media marketing a breeze ❤️


Administrator in Alternative Medicine

great content writing service

The content written by the is the best and sometimes the content generated by the app looks like that it has been written by a human it is intelligent software.


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Founder of

I will not renew my Canva subscription next year. Simplified will be my go-to design app! ✌️


Hoang Phan

Simplified is a loveable app

And I can confirm that from the moment I logged in. Simplified offer a nicely Dashboard with rich content, including links to various handy templates, and set up fundamental things I need to create great content.When I digged deep into the app, it is an amazing experiences.


Rowena Wiseman

Excellent AI for copywriting

The longform copywriting mode is excellent. Easier to use than Jarvis Ai. And it is far more affordable. Easy commands, you just right click and go write section or continue.


Jon Wilton

Incredible number of tools in one place! One platform for all your needs.

Really powerful and intuitive. We were amazed at how many tools this packs under the hood. More intuitive to use than many similar products such as Spark and Canva.


Inam Khan

The Best AI Writer

The Best AI writer i have came across, super easy, super fast, and amazingly great writing that your customers or clients fell in love with. very helpful and amazing.


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Excellent Tool for Digital Media Publishing Design and AI Content Writing

User Friendly
* AI content Writing
*Design and publish content on social media instantly
*Thousands of free Images and design templates available for ready to use
*Brilliantly simplified


Mary Grace Gargar

Best ever!

I like all its features, from making a banner, creating content to generating corresponding and accurate hashtags.


Wihanga Kumara


Don't have time to master photoshop, premiere pro for your content creation?Tired of using softwares like Canva with the same-old limited features?Need an easy-to-use software to convert your creative thoughts into fantastic content?SIMPLIFIED is the answer.