Say Less

What do you mean by Say Less?

"This statement signifies that there is no need for further persuasion as I am already convinced and ready to support the cause."

"What is the origin of the term 'Say Less'?"

"'Say less' originated from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and is employed to indicate agreement or comprehension, often as a response to a statement or request. The phrase reflects the cultural value of brevity and straightforwardness in communication, which is prominent in AAVE."

"What does 'Say Less' mean?"

"In slang, 'say less' is frequently used as a succinct way to express agreement or understanding without adding any additional remarks. It can also serve as an encouragement for someone to communicate more directly and concisely without unnecessary elaboration. Essentially, it implies that someone should keep their message simple and to the point. Enough said."

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