What do you mean by Scrubbing?

The term "scrubbing" is used in video playback to describe the ability to swiftly navigate through a video by dragging a slider or timeline bar forwards and backwards. Scrubbing is a convenient function that enables users to efficiently browse videos and locate desired content. It is a commonly utilized feature in online video players like YouTube, Vimeo, and other streaming services.

When users engage in scrubbing, they can swiftly jump to specific points within the video without the need to watch it in its entirety. This is particularly useful when searching for a particular scene or moment within a longer video or when quickly reviewing previously watched content.

The scrubbing feature relies on the encoding and storage methods of video files. Video files are divided into frames, which are individual images played consecutively to create the illusion of motion. By allowing users to scrub through the video, the video player essentially switches between different frames in the video file.

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