That Girl

"Who is 'that girl'?"

"'That girl' is an embodiment of a wellness-focused trend that emerged on TikTok in April 2021. It encompasses women who prioritize their well-being, productivity, beauty, and mindfulness. The trend encourages women to strive to be 'that girl'—the one who wakes up early, engages in yoga, practices journaling, consumes green juice, wears athleisure attire and minimal makeup, and continuously works on self-improvement. Initially, on social media, it started as a collection of TikToks showcasing women's early morning routines and their portrayal of being 'that girl.'"

"The trend gained popularity as it motivated and inspired women to enhance their lives by adopting a healthy routine. However, some individuals have expressed concerns about the trend, as it presented a limited perspective on wellness practices and established unrealistic standards for women's lifestyles and beauty."

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