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Transform Your Photos into Mesmerizing Splits

With Simplified's free online Split Image Tool, you can effortlessly transform your ordinary photos into captivating split images that narrate your unique story. Whether you want to share travel adventures, study highlights, party moments, or promote events, this user-friendly tool is designed for everyone. It's accessible without the need for advanced image editing skills, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned designers alike.

How to Use Our Split Image Tool


Upload Your Image: Begin by uploading your photo with a simple click.


Select Your Dimensions: Choose your preferred split dimensions to achieve the look you desire.


Split Your Image: Split your image seamlessly with just one click.

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Effortless Splits, No Downloads: Your Creative Hub

Simplified's Image Splitter offers the ultimate creative playground. It's completely free, with no downloads or hidden costs, ensuring that anyone can dive into the world of split images. Whether you're an aspiring social media influencer or just want to share your experiences uniquely, our tool is here to simplify the process.

Tailor-Made Split Images for Your Story

Craft your split images exactly the way you envision them. With our intuitive tool, you can choose the layout, rows, columns, and dimensions that best suit your storytelling needs. Whether you're dividing pictures for travel diaries, study sessions, party memories, or event promotions, the power to customize is in your hands. Simplified's Image Splitter is designed for users of all levels, so you can effortlessly create split images that reflect your unique narrative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the Image Splitter work?

Our Image Splitter allows you to choose between vertical, horizontal, or both splitting options, and you can define the size of the splits in pixels or equally sized pieces.
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Can I use the Image Splitter online?

Absolutely! Our Image Splitter is available online, enabling you to split images effortlessly without the need for any additional downloads.
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Is the Split Image tool compatible with different file formats?

Yes, our Split Image tool supports various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF.
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Can I undo the split and revert to the original image?

Yes, we provide an option to undo the split and revert your image back to its original form with just a simple click.
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Does the Image Splitter offer any customization options?

Yes, apart from defining the split size, our Image Splitter also allows you to apply various visual effects, filters, and overlays to each split section.
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Can I save or download the split image for future use?

Our tool allows you to merge multiple images, but there may be a limit depending on the size and resolution of the images.
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Are there any restrictions or limitations on the number of splits I can create?

No, there are no restrictions or limitations on the number of splits you can create. Our Image Splitter empowers you to divide your image into as many sections as you need.
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Can I use the Split Image tool for commercial purposes?

Yes, you have the freedom to use our Split Image tool for both personal and commercial purposes, making it a versatile choice for all your image splitting needs.

Amplify Your Storytelling with Our Free Split Image Tool

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It’s very good

It's better than any other ai image generator I've ever used and I love it

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Review on simplified

I loved the image generator and the video background remover it helps me in my productivity and it takes very lees time to do the complex things

5/5  Stars


One of the best IA image generators

Easy to use and undertand perfectly a prompt, I don't need to do many edits, the simple initial prompt is often enough to understand and generate the idea I need for my project

4.5/5  Stars


It's an interesting app to create......

The Ai image generator and more everything about it

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I have been using this platform for a long time but till now I have not faced any issue, it is a very good platform.

5/5  Stars


Generates closest image to what I imagined

The reference image option. SOmetimes I don't can't describe exactly what I am looking for, using the reference image gave very satisfactory results. The UI is simple and easy to use.

4.5/5  Stars