Open Graph

What do you mean by Open Graph?

Open Graph, a technology protocol developed by Facebook, empowers webpages and web developers to influence the presentation and sharing of their content on social media networks.

How does Open Graph function?

By implementing Open Graph meta tags, a webpage provides structured data to social media platforms, enabling them to generate visually captivating and informative previews when the webpage is shared. These previews typically feature a title, description, thumbnail image, and other pertinent details.

The Open Graph protocol ensures that when a webpage is shared on social media, the preview accurately represents the content and delivers a captivating visual experience. It amplifies visibility, click-through rates, and engagement for shared links. By incorporating Open Graph meta tags into a webpage's HTML code, developers can specify details like the title, description, image, URL, and other relevant data. Social media platforms then read these tags to generate an optimized preview for shared links.

Open Graph extends beyond Facebook and enjoys widespread support from various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. It grants content creators and website owners greater control over how their content appears when shared across diverse social media channels, thereby increasing visibility and appeal to potential viewers. In essence, it is a technology protocol that facilitates seamless integration between webpages and social media platforms, enabling the creation of visually captivating and informative previews when content is shared on social media networks.

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