What do you mean by Re-pin?

The term "re-pin" is commonly used within the social media platform Pinterest to describe the action of saving or sharing another user's image or post on one's own Pinterest board.

Pinterest is a platform where users can create and share visual content, such as images, infographics, and videos, in a social manner. When a user discovers an image they like on someone else's Pinterest board, they have the option to "re-pin" it to their own board. This allows them to curate and save inspiring or useful images while also making them accessible to their followers.

By "re-pinning" an image, the original source of the image is preserved. Consequently, if someone clicks on the image, they will be directed to the image's original source instead of the user's Pinterest board. This practice ensures proper credit is given to the original content creator and facilitates the exploration of related content by users.

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