What do you mean by Cap?

"Cap" is a slang term that originated in the United States and is commonly used in African American Vernacular English (AAVE). It refers to the act of lying or making a false statement.

What is the meaning of "No Cap" in slang?

When someone says "no cap," it indicates that they are not lying or exaggerating.

What is the origin of "Cap" and "No Cap"?

"Cap" and "no cap" originated in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and are used to signify whether someone is lying or telling the truth, respectively. "Cap" refers to a falsehood or lie, while "no cap" means "no lie" or "for real." The exact origins of these terms are uncertain, but they are believed to have emerged in hip-hop culture and later spread to other aspects of African American culture before being adopted by mainstream culture.

In contemporary usage, "cap" is often used as a verb or adjective to describe something as fake or dishonest. For instance, someone might say "He's capping" to mean "He's lying" or "That story is cap" to mean "That story is fake."

On the other hand, "no cap" is used to convey that someone is being truthful or sincere. For example, someone might say "No cap, that's the best burger I've ever had" to mean "I'm being serious, that's the best burger I've ever had."

How can you use "Cap" and "No Cap" on social media?

Here are a few examples of how the terms "cap" and "no cap" can be used in conversations on social media:

"I'm telling you, no cap, that movie was amazing!" (Meaning: "I'm being honest, that movie was really good!")

"Don't even try to tell me you won the game last night. I was there, no cap." (Meaning: "I know the truth, don't attempt to lie about it.")

"I don't think you're capping, but I need to hear the whole story to be sure." (Meaning: "I don't think you're lying, but I need more information to be certain.")

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