Sending Me

What do you mean by Sending Me?

‘Sending me’ is a colloquial expression used to depict a situation where an individual or something evokes a powerful emotional response within you.

What is the meaning of ‘sending me’?

This phrase is commonly employed to convey feelings of excitement, delight, or amusement, although it can also convey irritation or frustration.

For instance, when someone shares a hilarious joke and the listener bursts into laughter, they might exclaim, ‘You're sending me!’ to convey their immense enjoyment of the joke. Conversely, if someone is being particularly bothersome, another individual might say, ‘You're sending me,’ to express their exasperation.

On social media, ‘sending me’ serves as a means to express a profound emotional reaction to someone or something, often in a playful or light-hearted manner.

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