Doing It For The Gram

What do you mean by Doing It For The Gram?

"Engaging in activities solely for the purpose of showcasing them on Instagram or other social media platforms, rather than for the intrinsic value of the experience itself, is what it means to 'do it for the gram'."

This expression signifies the act of placing greater importance on how an experience appears or is perceived rather than genuinely immersing oneself in the experience. Often, the intention behind doing so is to impress or attract attention from others on social media.

For instance, an individual might visit an upscale restaurant and order an expensive meal exclusively for the purpose of capturing a photo for Instagram, even if they do not particularly enjoy the food. Similarly, they may travel to a renowned tourist destination solely to take a picture in front of a landmark, without taking the time to explore the surroundings or appreciate the local culture.

As social media has become increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, the phrase "doing it for the gram" has gained popularity. It is frequently used in a critical or sarcastic manner to emphasize the shallowness or lack of authenticity associated with social media culture.

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