What do you mean by Slay?

"Slay" is a colloquial expression that refers to someone's exceptional performance, so outstanding that it can be metaphorically equated to killing it, hence the term "slay."

When is "slay" used?

The usage of "slay" is commonly associated with fashion, music, and performance, although it can be applied in various contexts. For instance, one might say, "She absolutely slayed that runway show," to describe a model who excelled on the catwalk, or "He totally slayed that presentation" to depict a colleague who delivered an exceptional performance during a work presentation.

Furthermore, "slay" can also be used as a means to express agreement with someone or to offer encouragement. For instance, if your friend is applying for a desired job, you can show your support by saying, "Yes, slay!"

Moreover, the term "slay" has been utilized in the realm of social justice and advocacy, particularly in the phrase "slay the patriarchy," which signifies the act of challenging and dismantling systems of sexism and oppression. Overall, "slay" serves as a positive and empowering term used to describe excellence, skill, and achievement.

What is the origin of the term "slay"?

The term "slay" is believed to have emerged within the African American LGBTQ+ community during the 1980s and 1990s.

During that period, "slay" was employed as an expression of admiration and praise for individuals who demonstrated exceptional performance in drag shows, dance competitions, or other types of performances. The term gained popularity within the ballroom scene, which was a subculture celebrating and showcasing LGBTQ+ performers, particularly those who were Black and Latinx.

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