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5 Examples of Stunning Landing Page Copy and How to Create for Free!

5 Examples of Stunning Landing Page Copy and How to Create for Free!

Have you ever come across a website that has just the right amount of information and aesthetics? There is no set formula for creating stunning landing page copy, but there certainly are tips and tricks! In this blog, we’ll explore 5 examples of excellent landing page copy and how you can generate it free for your brand with Simplified !

What are Landing Pages?

A landing page is the next step after the call-to-action. It’s a follow-up to any promises you’ve made in your content, and it gives your visitor an opportunity to make a trade. For example, they can sign up for your newsletter or give their email address in return for some sort of special offer or deal in exchange for contact information. Landing pages are a type of website used by businesses to direct their customers. Click-through landing pages, for example, display a link or image with text that entices the user to click on it and view another page such as your e-commerce site.

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Why Is Landing Page Copy Important?

In a nutshell, a landing page is a good way to get traffic, improve your SEO and build your brand. It can also be part of an effective PPC (pay per click) strategy. Therefore, your landing page copy must be compelling and punchy for you to retain customers and add new ones to your roster.

Here’s how effective landing page copy is essential for your business’s marketing strategy:

  • 90% of visitors who read your headline will also read your call-to-action (CTA)
  • 25% of online shoppers land on product-detail pages
  • 80% of a mobile visitor’s attention concentrates on the top of the page

How your landing page copy looks and reads, and what it