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How To Boost Your Brand’s Content Using Trending TikTok Hashtags In 2024

Although TikTok surfaced a bit later than other famous social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it became one of the most successful applications in 2022 where you can make, watch, and share short videos with cool music or voiceovers.

It’s also a place where people can let their creativity flow through dancing, singing, lip-syncing, and comedy.

Plus, with more than 1 billion active users, TikTok is an awesome way for businesses to connect with a wider audience, even those that they might not have thought about before.

So, if you’re looking to up your TikTok game, don’t worry! This article has got you covered. Unlock the secret weapon of successful creators: the Simplified AI Hashtag Generator. We’ll then dive deep into the world of TikTok marketing, hashtags, and more.

What Is TikTok Marketing?

TikTok marketing is all about using the power of TikTok’s massive user base and creative video platform to promote your brand or products. If you’ve ever been on TikTok, you know that its users love to share videos of all kinds – from dancing and singing to funny skits and challenges.

And this is exactly where businesses can come in – by creating engaging and entertaining content that resonates with TikTok’s audience, brands can reach new customers and increase their visibility.

Whether it’s through sponsored content, influencer partnerships, or hashtag challenges, TikTok Marketing can be a great way to connect with a younger, more diverse audience and build a buzz around your brand.

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TikTok marketing can help your business by:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Selling products and services
  • Building engaged communities
  • Providing quick customer service
  • Getting feedback from consumers and audiences
  • Advertising products and services to your target audiences

Another factor contributing to an effective online marketing strategy is using TikTok hashtags to reach your desired audience.

What Are TikTok Hashtags?

A TikTok hashtag is simply a # symbol followed by words, phrases, acronyms, or an emoji. It’s a fun and simple way to categorize your content and help your audience find your videos. Whether you’re into dancing, singing, or comedy, there’s a hashtag for everyone.

So, why do users typically add hashtags to their video captions? Well, it’s simple – hashtags help viewers find the videos they want to watch. By adding relevant hashtags to your video, you can make it easier for people to discover your content and potentially even go viral!

And here’s the cool part – hashtags on TikTok are clickable. That means you can tap on a hashtag and instantly view other content that uses the same hashtag. So, if you’re looking to discover new videos or connect with like-minded creators, hashtags are a great way to get started.

Why Should Your Business Use TikTok Hashtags?

Like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, TikTok lets users follow topics that interest them using hashtags.

Based on the TikTok hashtags you use, the algorithm will decide which users are more likely to be interested in your brand, pushing your content on their For You Page (FYP).

Moreover, hashtags can help your brand build an online community.

You can encourage your audience to use your brand-specific hashtag to gain traction and visibility.

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What TikTok Hashtags Should You Use?

To get the most out of TikTok, it’s important to make sure your videos are getting in front of the right audience. And that’s where hashtags come in! So, how can you make sure you’re using the right ones?

Well, the first step is to head over to the “Discover” page. This is where you can find the latest trending hashtags used by other creators. By taking a look at this page, you can get a good idea of what TikTok hashtags are currently popular and relevant.

Once you’ve got an idea of what’s trending, it’s time to do some research. Take some time to look up and note down all the keywords related to your brand and the video you intend to post. This will help you come up with a list of potential hashtags to use.

But don’t stop there! Cross-check those hashtags with the ones you see on the “Discover” page and use the most relevant tags. This will help your videos get discovered by your target audience!

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Do Hashtags in TikTok Comments Work?

Since there is a character limit on TikTok captions, many users take to adding the less-relevant tags in the comments section of their posts.

Although you can add your hashtags in the comment section, they’re not as effective as the ones you add to your caption.

You need to be strategic when choosing which hashtags to use in your caption and which to use in the comments.

The Best TikTok Hashtags

The new year is here, and it’s about time for your business to jump on the TikTok train – here are 65 of the best TikTok hashtags you should use!

  1. #fyp
  2. #foryou
  3. #discoverpageforyou 
  4. #tiktokdance
  5. #tiktokmemes
  6. #foryoupage
  7. #funny
  8. #memes
  9. #cute
  10. #fun
  11. #music
  12. #happy
  13. #fashion
  14. #follow
  15. #comedy
  16. #duet
  17. #tiktokchallenge
  18. #viralvideos
  19. #viralpost
  20. #slowmo
  21. #behindthescenes
  22. #dadsoftiktok
  23. #momsoftiktok
  24. #family
  25. #reallifeathome
  26. #stitch
  27. #tiktokmademebuyit
  28. #mexico
  29. #challenge
  30. #youtube
  31. #youtuber
  32. #artistsoftiktok
  33. #cat
  34. #weirdpets
  35. #lol
  36. #funnyvideos
  37. #justforfun
  38. #tiktokcringe
  39. #boyfriendprank
  40. #prankster
  41. #bestforhealth
  42. #fitnessgoals
  43. #fitness
  44. #healthtips
  45. #weightloss
  46. #workout
  47. #gym
  48. #lifestyle
  49. #skincare
  50. #makeupchallenge
  51. #tiktokmakeup 
  52. #makeuptips
  53.  #everydaymakeup 
  54. #foodie
  55. #tiktokfood
  56. #dancechallenge
  57. #dancekpop
  58. #mentalhealth
  59. #storytime
  60. #beautyhacks
  61. #beautytips
  62.  #dogsoftiktok
  63.  #duetwithme
  64.  #travelgoals
  65.  #entrepreneur

Upgrade Your TikTok Hashtag Game With Simplified

While the TikTok hashtags mentioned above are always trending, you must be smart about your TikTok hashtag strategy.

Don’t use them if they’re irrelevant to your post. Keep in mind that just because it’s popular, that doesn’t mean it always works.

Lucky for you, the Simplified Free AI Hashtag Generator can create hashtags tailored to your content and audience in minutes for free!

Additionally, the Simplified TikTok hashtag generator is extremely easy to use, here’ ‘s how it works:

  1. Open a project and click the AI Assistant robot icon
  2. From the dropdown options, click the “New Document” button
  3. Choose the “Select Template” button, scroll down, and tap the “Hashtag Generator” tab
  4. Finalize the prompts and click “Generate”
  5. Browse the AI-generated hashtags, choose your desired result, and use it on your project

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