Rich Pin

What do you mean by Rich Pin?

Rich pins are a Pinterest feature that focuses on SEO and aims to enhance brand visibility by providing context to your posts. By utilizing code, rich pins extract metadata from the linked website pages.

Pinterest Rich Pins

Pinterest is used by 93% of people for purchase planning, and rich pins offer valuable information about your products and services to potential leads.

Types of Rich Pins

There are various types of rich pins, each catering to specific content types:

  • App pins include an install button for direct app downloads from Pinterest.
  • Recipe pins provide cooking details, ingredients, and serving sizes.
  • Product pins offer real-time information about availability, pricing, and purchasing locations.
  • Article pins showcase authors, story descriptions, and headlines.

For many businesses, the most beneficial types of rich pins are product and article pins.

How to Install Pinterest Rich Pins

Rich pins retrieve metadata from your website. To effectively utilize rich pins, you'll need knowledge of meta tags or a compatible app. SEO plugins like Yoast help organize metadata for articles and website pages. Follow these steps:

  • Install Pinterest Rich Pins: Visit the "Rich Pin Validator" and provide a link to any page or blog on your website (excluding the homepage).
  • Click the "validate" button: Once validated, you should receive an approval message.
  • Click "apply now": A pop-up will appear with your site's HTML tags pre-selected.
  • Apply again: After applying, wait for Pinterest to approve your application.

Why Use Rich Pins?

Pinterest is a highly valuable social media platform with over 2 billion monthly searches and 5% of all referral traffic. Rich pins offer the following advantages:

  • Enhanced content visibility: The additional information captures pinners' attention and provides context for their purchases.
  • Branding opportunities: Rich pins include your logo and website name, promoting brand awareness.
  • Automatic updates: Rich pins reflect real-time availability updates, ensuring leads stay informed.
  • Improved searchability: The additional information allows you to appear in more keyword searches.
  • Professional image: Detailed product features and pricing information instill trust in your business.

How Rich Pins Support eCommerce

Rich pins are especially beneficial for social selling.

55% of Pinners use Pinterest to discover and shop for products. Today's consumers prefer to plan their purchases thoroughly. Pinterest rich pins provide valuable information to aid their decision-making process.

Price information helps pinners plan their purchases, while the inclusion of useful content enhances your brand's credibility.

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