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How to resolve lack of permission error when publishing to Instagram.

If you tried publishing to your Instagram account and got an error #10 – Application does not have permission for this action, it means necessary permissions are missing.

When connecting Simplified to Meta accounts, you need to give specific permissions that allow Simplified to work properly with Facebook and Instagram (for example create posts, see messages, etc.).

Always re-check your permissions. Sometimes permissions change, for example, when a new password is set, because your personal Facebook account doesn’t have the Admin or Editor rights to the page anymore, there’s a newly installed 2-factor authentication, or simply because of reasons unspecified by Meta.

In that case, the user whose Simplified account is associated to the Facebook Page connected to the Instagram business account has to follow these steps to make sure all permissions are correct.

First: check if all the necessary conditions are met

1 – Your Instagram account needs to be an Instagram Business account (make sure it isn’t an Instagram Creator account)

You can check your Instagram account status on the Instagram mobile app, by clicking on Settings > Account > Switch account type. If you see only personal and creator options, it means the Instagram account is correctly set as Business. If not, switch to a business account.

2 – Your Instagram account needs to be linked to a Facebook page that you manage. Go to your Facebook Page, then click Settings > Instagram

If you see a Review Account Connection on this page, please click the button to review the connection. After doing so, go to Simplified and refresh the Facebook account connection.

3 – Check if you have admin or editor permissions for the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram Business account:

You can check your permission by going to the Facebook Page connected to the Instagram Business account, then clicking Page Settings > Page Roles

!note: If the administrator of your page requires two-factor authentication, it needs to be set up at your personal Facebook profile as well, as you manage the Facebook page linked with your Instagram account.

After each change made on your Facebook Page, refresh the Facebook account connection on Simplified.

Second: Make sure Simplified is given all the necessary permissions

1- Go to Facebook and switch to the Facebook personal profile that is the page admins and connected to Simplified.

2- Click the profile image on the top right corner, then click Settings & Privacy > Settings

3- Then, click Security and login > Business Integrations

4- Once you’re on Business Integrations, click View and edit to the right of Simplified’s name.

5- On the pop-up window that will open, turn on all the permissions (scroll all the way down to make sure all permissions are on), then click Save.

Now, go back to Simplified Calendar and try publishing your post again.

All permissions are correct, but you still can’t publish.

If you went through all the previous steps and everything is as it should be but you still can’t publish, try removing Simplified from your Business Integrations and reconnecting.

!note: You don’t need to worry. You won’t loose data or posts. Everything will stay the same if you follow these steps:

1- Go to Business Integrations settings on Facebook.

  • Click the profile image on the top right corner, then click Settings & Privacy > Settings
  • Click Security and login > Business Integrations

2- On Business Integrations, click Remove next to Simplified.
3- On the pop-up window, make sure the “Send notification to Simplified…” box is checked, then click Remove.
4- Now, go back to Simplified Calendar, reconnect your Facebook Page and try to publish your post again.

  • To reconnect your Facebook, open your Simplified Calendar and click Reconnect next to the Facebook Page on the window that will open.
  • Click Continue as…
  • Give Simplified all permissions
  • Select all Pages, groups, accounts that you want to give permission to Simplified to post to. Click Next until the end of the permissions.
  • When you get to the end, you’ll see this message:

Now, go back to Simplified, refresh your account one last time, and try republishing your post.

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