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Running a small business is a lot of work. With product marketing, packaging, and building brand awareness, every day is a hustle! A crucial factor in maintaining your brand reputation is generating online reviews for your business, whether positive or negative. Positive reviews can be displayed on your business’ website as a badge of customer satisfaction. Likewise, negative reviews offer a window into improvement as well as an opportunity to turn around a dissatisfied customer’s experience. Whether positive or negative, you can generate review responses easily with Simplified’s AI tools!

Why Use AI Tools Like Review Responses for Your Small Business?

The Simplified Review Responder has been constructed with the modern customer in mind. That’s because 97% of consumers say customer reviews factor into their buying decisions. So, customer reviews are important for your small business to retain loyal customers and attract new ones. But how can AI help you with this?

1. Turn Data into Action

Simplified’s AI tools focus on delivering actionable performances and recommendations. These will help you analyze your customer base and business profile based on data. And even if you’re monitoring and collecting customer interactions manually, AI can streamline this function for you! For instance, the text predictions offered by Simplified’s AI tools will help you analyze a large amount of data quickly so you can choose the perfect social media caption. With AI tools, you can one-up your competition by harnessing the newest data and turning it into action!

2. Free Up Time and Space for HR and Management Resources

All businesses receive queries related to their products and services on a daily basis with predictable answers. AI tools help generate templated responses to these inquiries without needing to type the same information each time. If you’re a small business looking to scale, your time must be conserved and spent on research and development. Simplified’s AI Review Responder takes care of generating review responses in one click! This makes the management of your small business more effective and allows you to focus on building your brand.

Simplified AI: Inital page - selecting an objective

3. Easy & Cost-Effective Technical Solutions

Modern life has shifted into virtual spaces. While this offers small businesses opportunities to grow their online presence, it also increases their workloads behind the scenes. What you must ask yourself is this: how much of what you do can be automated through an AI assistant? For example, a timely response to a negative customer review will be better suited for an AI Review Responder. It will eliminate the friction between your business and the customer, and remove the emotion from your response. Moreover, writing quick review responses to criticism puts customers at ease, and reduces the negative effects to your brand.

Increase quality, speed , efficiency, decrease cost

Simplified’s AI Responder for Review Responses

Simplified’s AI tools offer a wide variety of services for your small business that are free to use! For your small business, you will find the Review Responder under the “eCommerce” subheading.

  1. All you have to do is copy and paste the review into the box (pictured below) and click on the yellow “Generate Now” button.

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Simplified AI assistant example: Review responder
  1. The AI assistant will detect the keywords from your customer review and generate review responses. Then, you can copy and paste them to your website or other social media channels. For example, in the review above, the AI detects the how long the customer has been with the brand. Therefore, the response thanks the customer for their years of loyalty.
Simplified AI: Result of using the generate review option

TIP: For the best results, generate a couple of times!

As seen above, the Review Responder picked up on what’s most important from the review to craft its response. It can even add personality to review responses through the use of emojis!

How Do I Deal with Negative Customer Reviews?

Positive reviews for your small business are relatively easy to respond to. Negative reviews are trickier. But they also offer you the chance to address deficiencies in your products or services. Simplified’s Review Responder will generate a template for you so that you don’t waste time. Most experts suggest responding to reviews in less than 24 hours.

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For example, let’s take a look at a negative Google customer review for Applebee’s.

Example of Applebees with Simplified's AI review responder

Here’s what Simplified’s Review Responder suggests:

Applebees' review response from the generator

In the response to the review above, the AI tool has generated a template, which includes the following:

  • A sincere apology
  • An open line of communication
  • A clear resolution

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Customer reviews can leave you flustered with joy or embarrassment. Maintain your brand’s professionalism by using Simplified’s Review Repsonder for easier and more efficient review responses!

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