Simplified Brand & Assets

How to get links for your assets on Simplified

Simplified makes it easier to keep all your assets and workflow in one place. When you create designs and videos on Simplified, you can get links you can share anywhere!

Gone are the days where you needed to keep a separate storage.

This feature is especially useful if you want to share your assets with an external stakeholder, or if you’re bulk scheduling posts in the Social Media Calendar.

Follow these steps:

1 – From your Dashboard, go to Brand & Assets

2- Go to My Assets, by clicking on the correspondent button on the left side menu

3- Select the assets you want to include in the CSV.

– The selecting circle will appear once you hover over the asset.

4- That’s it! You’ll have a CSV with your assets’ link, title, author, and last modified

💡 Use these links when bulk scheduling posts! Copy and paste them into your Bulk Scheduling CSV!

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