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Simplified’s AI Sentence Rewriter: How To to Reword and Paraphrase Effortlessly

Simplified’s AI Sentence Rewriter: How To to Reword and Paraphrase Effortlessly

What’s at the heart of every brand’s identity? Content! Compelling written pieces attract new customers and boost engagements with your most faithful fans. However, producing content is not an easy task. And if your business is fairly new in the space, your competitors will have a leg up on the amount of content produced in their name. One way to solve this problem is to use AI-generated copy for rewriting content.

Let us briefly walk you through the immense possibilities that these content writers provide. AI learns and absorbs data better than humans do. They then synthesize that data to create content such as blog posts, ads, descriptions, and more.

In this blog, you will learn how to use Simplified’s sentence rewriter to paraphrase content with little effort on your part.

What is content rewriting?

Though all your content has to be original, some concepts and ideas are standard, and it’s something that your work must include. Rewriting content is the process of taking the main ideas found in other work your brand’s produced and rephrasing them to highlight different points or to change perspectives. It’s basically like restructuring the sentence without changing its meaning. Doing this saves time and energy while giving you the content you need to match up with the competition.


Can you relate to Marge Simpson? Sometimes it's so hard to talk about the same idea in different words! Content rewriting can help you in these situations. Rewriting is basically like restructuring the sentence without changing its meaning.

Trying to find new, clever ways of describing familiar ideas can be an exercise in frustration.

Also, as content creators, we all face issues related to managing workloads and deadlines. Providing our readers with valuable information takes more than a few minutes. Not only do you need to sit down and write the content, but you also need to do all the research work on the front-end.

That’s where an AI-driven content rewriter solution comes in. Instead of spending hours trying to put together new, unique sentences, the AI will take your ideas and rewrite them for you. It’s effective, simple, and saves time!

hands typing on laptop-Simplified's sentence rewriter

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4 Situations Where You Could Use A Sentence Rewriter

There are many scenarios where you can use Artificial Intelligence to do most of the heavy-lifting in your content production process. And since Simplified is a multitasking tool that has an AI-generated sentence rewriter included, we know a thing or two about these scenarios. If you are a blogger, student, professional, scholar, and are into marketing & branding, then an AI will be a helpful tool.

The following sections give a short overview of the situations where you could use an AI sentence rewriter.

1. Update a post with new information

Add freshness to your already written content. Everything in our world moves very fast, and information changes over time. This means posts from a few years ago may still be relevant but need updating to fit the modern context. Rewriting content to make sure all of your information is up-to-date, engaging, and interesting has to be one of the key priorities for any brand.


2. Use a few posts to create an all-in-one post

Regardless of your brand, you can always create blogs with main ideas from other pieces you wrote. For example, Simplified’s blog page has a few pieces about design hacks. They can easily be combined in a longer pillar content piece called “Top Tricks for Simplified’s features.” So, by rewriting the smaller pieces, you can make the longer piece flow seamlessly, even if different authors wrote the individual parts!

3. Convert pieces of content into a list (or the other way round)

You’re probably familiar with suggestion or solution posts. Take this post published by Kreek Speak, “5 Ways to Communicate More Effectively”, for example.

Here’s a trick – you can rewrite these list types of articles by expanding their ideas into longer posts. From the previously mentioned article, one way to communicate more effectively is to use visuals. Well, you can base a whole post around how visuals make communication more effective. And for this piece’s introduction, you can rewrite your original paragraph from the list article. It works the other way as well! If you have articles that share the same main idea, you can take sections of those articles and compile them into a list. The list will give your reader easily accessible information, while the separate pieces will allow them to dive more in-depth. This little trick makes rewriting content easier, and with Simplified’s sentence rewriter, you’ll have the results immediately.

4. Revise an old article for a new audience

You always need to know your audience so you can cater your content to their interests. If you’ve written a piece whose target audience is young but think it would also resonate with an older audience, you need to rewrite the content for the new target audience. Since you already have the research and main thoughts at your disposal, rewriting the article will be a lot faster than starting from scratch. This is what makes Simplified even better – you can choose the tone of the sentences you want to rewrite based on the audience you’re writing for.

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How to Use Simplified’s (Free) Content Rewriter AI Copywriting Tool?

Added below is a detailed video highlighting the steps of how you can use the tool. You can find more such content on how to use simplified’s features on Simplified Academy!

You can add up to 400 characters in the rewriting tool. This is sufficient if you’re looking to rewrite a couple of sentences. The inputs we used in the examples below are added below in text, and you’ll see images from the tool displaying how the AI rewrote it.

Example 1: Created using sentence rewriter AI copywriting tool

Input: If you’re interested in growing and building social media management for your small business, learning how and why being active on social media will help is the best way to go!

Sentence rewriter-growing a social media presence

Example 2: Created using sentence rewriter AI copywriting tool

Input: Bees of all varieties live on nectar and pollen. Without bees, pollination would be difficult and time-consuming – it is estimated that one-third of the human food supply depends on insect pollination.

sentence rewriter-about bees

Example 3: Created using sentence rewriter AI copywriting tool

Input: Being in love can change the way you see things. Even everyday activities like going to the grocery store can become more enjoyable.

content rewriter example-being in love

Example 4: Created using sentence rewriter AI copywriting tool

Input: Dreaming is the communication between our conscious mind and our unconscious mind, helping people create wholeness

content rewriter example-about sleep

Example 5: Created using sentence rewriter AI copywriting tool

Input: “Sustainable living” encourages people to minimize their use of Earth’s resources and reduce the damage of human and environmental interactions.

content rewriter example-sustainable living

Your brand needs a better story, rewrite it.

Every piece of content, every communication, every customer touchpoint needs an objective and needs a clear tone of voice. Sometimes you might feel like a sentence or paragraph in your blog just isn’t working. Maybe you think that you want to infuse your writing with a different tone of voice.

Learning how to rewrite without losing time, sacrificing quality, and improving copy is valuable to any brand or writer out there. Simplified offers a unique possibility with which you can rewrite content effortlessly. The best part about using simplified is that the AI understands your objective and helps align you to that goal. We hope that we unveiled some mysteries behind rewriting content. Simplified has a range of tools that can help you with your marketing and branding campaigns. Did we mention that it’s free?

One Free app to design, collaborate, and scale your work – try Simplified today.

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