Over the last decade, artificial intelligence has evolved significantly. When it comes to generating compelling and persuasive content, AI copywriting tools can provide businesses an advantage over their competition. As we progress towards a more digital environment, AI copywriting tools will only grow in popularity. This collection of Rytr alternatives can help you determine which one best meets your requirements and budget.

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#1: Simplified (Free Forever AI Copywriting Tool)


Simplified is a unique addition to AI copywriting tools that is transforming the marketing world. It emphasizes team collaboration and generates innovative, plagiarism-free copy.

Moreover, this free Rytr alternative is simple to use and can handle all your marketing needs. With hundreds of free design and copywriting templates, Simplified takes content creation to the next level!

Key Features:

  • Aesthetically attractive and intuitive user interface.
  • Content creation for social media, advertisements, websites, and more!
  • Blog writing collection includes blog intros, title generation, outlines, and conclusion.
  • Enables you to change the tone of your content to reflect the personality of your business.
  • Shopify, Unsplash, Airtable, Zapier, and other third-party integrations are offered.

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#2: Copy AI ($420 paid annually)

Another great Rytr alternative is Copy AI. It offers a number of templates, allowing the tool to figure out what kind of copy you want to produce.

It has a colorful, white, and green theme with a slightly cluttered side panel of AI templates. This makes finding the template you wish to work with tricky for certain individuals. However, it does offer collaborative services that allow you to include team members and customize the tone of your material.

Key Features:

  • Provides a Google Chrome Extension to help you with your workflow.
  • Languages offered include Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and more.
  • Generates copy for Social Media, Websites, eCommerce, Blogs, and Sales.

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#3: Jarvis AI ($288 paid annually)


Previously known as Conversion.ai, Jarvis AI copywriting tool is fantastic for creating high-quality content. With this easy-to-use Rytr alternative, you can access projects on your dashboard.

Although Jarvis AI allows you to save your copies for various projects, there are no options for storing the copies you love.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to change the tone of your content to reflect your company’s style.
  • Content can be translated into 26 languages easily.
  • Jarvis Commands have just been upgraded to allow you to produce any form of content. With  “Boss Mode,” simply type a command in the long-form editor like – Jarvis generate me a meta description. Then, it will write you a meta description.

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#4: Snazzy AI ($300 paid annually)

As opposed to Rytr’s workspace, which has a boxy feel to it, Rytr’s free alternative- Snazzy AI offers an interesting user experience. Snazzy AI price models target businesses in the early stages of development, which might not work for solopreneurs.

While the basic plan of Snazzy AI copywriting tool is free, it’s limited to 5 runs per day. It’s not supportive of collaborations, so this might be a problem for certain teams who want to connect on the platform itself.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with StoryChief, Journy.io, PoweredLocal, ClickSend.
  • No time limit on the Free plan (5 credits per day).
  • Offers versatile pricing plans.

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#5: CopySmith AI ($192 paid annually)

Copysmith AI vs Simplified - copysmith ai logo

Copysmith essentially caters to marketers, content creators, and e-commerce platforms. While it’s unquestionably one of the best Rytr alternatives in terms of UI/UX, it does have a few limitations.

The blog post material, for example, isn’t completely divided into paragraphs. So, you’ll have to dig through a heap of information on your own and organize it.

Key Features:

  • Google Chrome Extension allows you to use this tool from any webpage.
  • Templates include: SEO meta tags and ads for Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Currently, only English is supported.

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#6: Writesonic ($300 paid annually)

Writesonic emerged from a need to create landing pages. Now, this Rytr alternative can effortlessly generate content across multiple formats.

Also, the user interface is quite simple and easy to use. However, it does not allow for comments or smooth group collaboration, though it does provide a shareable link to your copy.

Key Features:

  • Supports 24 languages, including Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, and Swedish.
  • Detects and corrects grammatical errors.
  • Can assist you in creating a fully functional landing page.

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#7: Content Villain ($420 paid annually)

Content Villian Logo

Rytr alternative- Content Villain’s main features are automation and integrations. When it comes to usability, the tool features a black and red layout with an old-fashioned-looking UX.

The design components don’t fully match today’s look because the team is keeping to the notion of being a Content Villain. As a result, all design elements have been toned down.

However, in terms of functionality, you can write better content, faster. They offer a premium product to help marketers, copywriters, writers, and businesses of all sizes.

Key Features:

  • Custom AI Models exclusively for your business.
  • Offers training and tutorials for your content.
  • Access to long-form content.

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Which Rytr alternative is best suited for your business?

Jarvis is a top contender for speed and user-friendliness. Copysmith is an excellent Rytr alternative that is available at a much lower price. Copy AI is the ideal copywriting tool for content creation with excellent customization features.

But what if you could get all of these and more in one package? Simplified is a free Rytr alternative that covers everything for your brand!

With its simple navigation, organized workflow, team collaboration, and affordable premium content, it’s a highly valuable tool for all marketers, designers, and business owners.

Simplified is the first all-in-one platform you can use to create any type of content for your marketing campaign. From product descriptions to captions you can use for your social media, there’s something for every business need.

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