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18 AI Copywriting Tools That Helps Create Amazing Content In 2023

18 AI Copywriting Tools That Helps Create Amazing Content In 2023

Think of a life where you don’t have to sweat over writing blogs every day, but instead simply type what you want into a computer, and content creation is automated. It means you can spend your time optimizing content for different channels, focus on scaling your brand and work on expansion strategies. Well, all of that’s possible and more.

AI copywriting tools not just help with easier writing & content creation but also do it faster, so you never have to stare at a blinking cursor again! Having a AI copywriting tool by your side, reduces your workload, and eliminates the monotonous nature of activities that sap your creativity. Meet our best AI copywriting tools, who can handle the tiresome writing tasks so you can concentrate on what matters most: getting campaigns to convert.

But with so many AI text generators out there, choosing one can be a daunting task. This blog will help choose the best AI writer based on your content creation and marketing needs for you and your team. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Do We Really Need AI Copywriting?

As a marketer’s profession entails a lot of writing, a writer’s block makes it tough to come up with content consistently. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) copywriting comes in.

Not having to go over information word for word is a huge time saver, right? But how does it all happen?

Copywriting refers to any conversion-focused writing, such as ads, sales pages, and marketing emails.

And GPT 3 is the base for all of the latest AI copywriting tools. It performs this by teaching an algorithm to sift through millions of online pages in search of patterns. It then applies what it has learned to create fresh material on a specific topic.

These artificial intelligence systems are becoming extremely good at mimicking and understanding language, including slang. Further, the options for headlines, emails, advertising, meta tags, and even product descriptions are unlimited. So simply enter what you want and leave the rest to the computer. It’s that simple!

1. Simplified – Free Forever AI Copywriting Tool

Want to generate engaging copy at no cost? With Simplified, it’s possible!

Simplified is the world’s first copy AI + Design tool, with thousands of design and AI templates for free, Simplified’s pricing plans help you scale every day! Get your hands on ready-to-use and all-inclusive, user-friendly designing tools that save time. And, several wide-ranging services that provide personalized AI-generated content for your brand.

Screenshot of The Simplified AI Copywriting Tool
via: Simplified

Get an instant, effective copy for every type of marketing campaign you need—from Facebook Ads to social media quotes. Plus, take it a step further by automatically generating visual creatives using the copy you generated.

Moreover, you can also optimize text for various marketing-related activities for free! Simplified also offers budget-friendly plans for teams that want to do more. AI copywriting features on Simplified that help you generate compelling and creative content –

  • 70+ AI Templates
  • Write in 25+ languages
  • Free flow mode
  • AI Long-form writer
  • Full Blog Writer
  • Publishing to WordPress
  • Built-in commands
  • Built-in Grammarly support
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Download in PDF, DOCX
  • Millions of free stock photos & videos
  • Collaborate with the entire team
Simplified AI Software
via: Simplified

What’s more? Simplified offers a solution for all your design, team collaboration, and content scheduling needs. So now instead of switching between 4 different apps, you can do all of that and more on Simplified. No wonder it’s a go-to app for all business owners, freelancers, and marketers.

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2. CopyAI ($432 paid annually)

Copy AI Copywriting Tool
via: CopyAI

Founded in 2020, Copy AI comes with a variety of different templates you can choose from which allow the tool to understand which type of content you want to write. This software although provides many templates is probably not the ideal option for you if you have a big project and need to generate multiple results.

In particular, if you utilize smaller section generators like “Bullet Point to Blog Section,” creating content might take longer. On the plus side, it does, however, provide enterprise plans that allow you to include team members, and even choose the tone of your content. You can choose from 6 tones (Friendly, Luxury, Professional, etc) which can be restrictive if you want to use a tone off the menu.

3. Snazzy AI ($480 paid annually)

Snazzy AI landing page
via: Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI pricing plans lean more towards businesses in their growth stage. And may not be suitable for small teams or solopreneurs. While Snazzy’s Starter package is free, it has a restriction of only 40 credits a month. Snazzy AI offers a bright, white & blue theme, with a side panel of AI template categories.

The AI writer even has a share option that allows you to share the link to your work with your teammates. In order to edit it, they’ll have to copy it onto a third-party document app like Google Docs and work on it. This may be quite troublesome for some teams who are looking to collaborate on the platform itself.

4. CopyShark ($300 Paid Annually)

Copyshark AI Copywriting Tool
via: CopyShark

Built by founders for founders, CopyShark is an AI writer powered by GPT 3. It has a minimalist gray and black color palette clean layout and distinctive CTAs. When it comes to plans, CopyShark AI doesn’t have a separate plan for small teams. While creating copy, you can’t store any of AI copywriting tool content. However, it does enable you to copy it.

You’ll have to copy it into a third-party document tool like Google Docs/Sheets and work on it there, in order to modify or add content. For certain teams who want to collaborate on the platform itself, this might be a concern. CopyShark offers 50+ tools that provide several services but it is pertinent to mention that the output quality is minimal.

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5. Shortly AI ($780 paid annually)

Shortly AI
via: Shortly AI

ShortlyAI is an AI writer that offers the services of a writing partner to help you write blog posts or even stories. An important factor to note is, the pricing is sky-high compared to other platforms. While using the platform, with just the click of the button “Write for me”, this AI text generator will continue writing for you.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any team collaboration features in Shortly AI. With no flexibility in content tones, this AI copywriting tool can also be restrictive when it comes to choosing the tone of your copy.

6. Nichesss ($228 paid annually)

 Nichesss AI Copywriting Tool
via: Nichesss

In addition to some of the other AI copywriters listed above, there is a brand new GPT-3 powered service called Nichesss. This AI writer generates the tone of the copy based on the type of platform you choose whether it’s Facebook Ads or your blog. Also, you can write blogs and generate great short-form copy with Nichesss.

However, its interface is a little cluttered as the platform makes it fairly difficult to navigate important buttons with lots of emojis and small-size text in typewriter font. Although there is an option to “star” and export your work, the starred copies do not show up on the project dashboard when you’re trying to find your favorite copies. This can make you scroll endlessly to find an important project.

7. Jasper AI ($480 paid annually)

Who is Jasper AI
via: Jasper AI

Jasper AI copywriting tool is great to create high-quality content effortlessly. It’s very user-friendly, especially for new users. Despite the interface not being too fancy, it is concise and clear. The software displays projects on your dashboard which can be accessed when you log in. However, Jasper’s plagiarism detection costs extra to use, whereas most tools offer this feature as part of the subscription.

8. Writesonic ($152 paid annually)

Writesonic AI Copywriting Tool
via: Writesonic

Writesonic was born out of the need to build landing pages for a product, Sam (the founder) was working on. This got him thinking: what if he could use GPT-3 to create landing pages that were optimized for conversion? This gave shape to Writesonic AI.

Writesonic employs simple buttons and solid bright hues like white and deep bluish-purple. The user interface is quite straightforward. However, Writesonic doesn’t allow for commenting or seamless group work, although it does provide you with a shareable link to your copy.

9. Copysmith AI ($228 paid annually)

Copysmith AI
via: Copysmith AI

Copysmith is built for marketers, content creators, and e-commerce platforms. When it comes to interface, Copysmith has minimal distractions making it extremely easy to use. While it is without a doubt one of the finest AI writers in terms of UI/UX, it does contain several limitations. The copy for the blog post, for example, isn’t entirely split down into paragraphs. As a result, you’ll have to sift through a mountain of material and format it on your own.

10. Headlime ($708 paid annually)

Headlime AI Copywriting Tool
via: Headlime

Headlime, now acquired by Conversion AI, uses a variety of templates powered by GPT-3 to generate content. The Headlime motif is a combination of bright green and white. Library and Projects are the two primary sections on the AI copywriting platform. The library is a collection of templates from which users can select. It’s worth noting that Headlime doesn’t have a search bar for users, and finding the template you want requires a long scroll.

11. Kafkai ($588 paid annually)

Kafkai AI landing page
via: Kafkai

Kafkai, just like other AI writers, is a machine-learning algorithm that can write articles from scratch. While Kafkai is one of the most user-friendly AI Copywriting tools in terms of navigation and mass copy production, it’s not without flaws. Generating full articles can be a disadvantage since they will likely be lower quality than other templates that create small but specific content at a time. In the end, it just depends on how you plan to use the content.

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12. ArticleForge ($156 paid annually)

ArticleForge AI Copywriting Tool
via: ArticleForge

Article Forge is the result of five years of artificial intelligence research, and its deep learning models have been trained on millions of pieces so that it can intelligently write on almost any topic. Except, there are no collaborative or personalizing features such as setting a tone for the content. Although Article Forge offers a 5-day free trial, you will have to add either your credit card or your PayPal, meaning that soon you will have to pay for this service.

13. Content Villain ($588 paid annually)

Content Villain AI
via: Content Villain

Automation and integrations are the core features at Content Villain. Although they have an affordable starter plan, it doesn’t include the plagiarism checker. They also have a few special add-ons. For instance,  it enables you to gather emails from any URL. This might be a huge benefit for those who handle cold email outreach.

While working on it, you’ll notice how the saved copies are accessible through the ‘Saved’ option, which stores all papers in one place. Though the search bar can be used, this might pose an issue if you’re trying to find something created long ago.

14. Rytr ($290 Paid Annually)

Rytr AI Copywriting Tool
via: Rytr

Launched in April 2021, Rytr works well across the whole writing workflow. It also offers a free subscription that generates 10k characters per month. Despite the fact that Rytr’s UI is simple and tidy, the workspace has a boxy, email-writing feel to it, which most users may find limiting.

By clicking “Move” in the right-hand corner of the screen on Rytr, you may move documents and folders to a new folder. Moreover, Rytr also makes it simple to rename and remove documents to meet your specific copy requirements.

15. ClosersCopy ($959.88 paid annually)

ClosersCopy AI landing page
via: ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy has 3 models covered: SalesAI writes sales pages, ads, and email campaigns, BlogAI writes top-ranking blog articles and StoryAI writes compelling stories.

This AI copywriting tool has an easy-to-navigate interface with bold text on a solid black or white background. ClosersCopy allows its users to share copies using a shareable link, however, it has no collaborative features which are essential for the coordination of tasks. Hence, building a team and getting your projects on the road can be quite an endeavor.

16. Wordtune ($119.88 paid annually)

Wordtune AI Copywriting Tool
via: Wordtune

Wordtune was founded by Ori Goshen and Yoav Shoham in the year 2018. The rewrite tool is available for free with Wordtune and lets you rephrase your content, while other tools for tone and length are paid tools.

Even with the paid version, Wordtune lacks the tools, templates, and collaborative features as compared to other AI writers. Since Wordtune is not a full-fledged blog generator, this AI copywriting tool is best for marketers who want to write copy and need help shaping it.

17. Peppertype.AI ($420 Paid Annually)

Peppertype AI Virtual Content Assistant

Pepper Content, a content platform, developed Peppertype, an AI-enabled content generator built on top of GPT-3 that generates short-form content copy and ideas. Peppertype has a pleasing interface comprised of solid whites and blues for optimal readability and navigation. It offers the capability of sharing the URLs to your AI-generated copies with your team members.

However, their pricing plans for teams are at a whopping $2,000 for a year, which makes a shared workspace less feasible.

18. Outranking ($660 Paid Annually)

Outranking AI Copywriting Tool
via: Outranking

A contemporary AI writing tool – Outranking provides a straightforward, step-by-step method for producing realistic writing in 13 languages. With its SERP analyzing methodologies, it is ideal for producing various forms of SEO content. In order to provide you the greatest user experience with the least amount of fuss, it also seamlessly interacts with Google Docs, SEMRush, and WordPress.

However, it is rather pricey and does not provide any free trials. Moreover, it needs more human involvement because it appears more intent on providing SEO support than perfecting the content it creates. Additionally, there are restrictions on the number of docs and SERP analysis in each of its subscription plans.

Can AI Replace Content Copywriters?

Although copywriting tools are wonderful, they are not without flaws. To make it match your brand voice and audience, you’ll need to use human creativity. Some AI copies may be strange, not human-like, or even inaccurate. So, it’s not wise to do away with human copywriters from your team. Human emotional intelligence is essential in a fast-paced and fiercely competitive digital world. Evidently, the integration of human and artificial intelligence is the best copywriting asset!

Elevate Your Marketing Game With AI Copywriting Tools

AI copywriting tool add a third-party smart assistant to your writing stack and process, which may help enhance existing copywriting talents and fill in the gaps where you would otherwise get stuck.

Copy AI is the ideal copywriting tool for content creation with the fine finished product, Jasper is a top contender for speed and user-friendliness, and Wordtune is an excellent tool available at a much lower price. But what if you get all these features and more in one? Simplified AI does it all for you!

Simplified’s easy navigation, structured workflow, team collaboration, and affordable pricing plans make it an extremely useful tool for all marketers, writers, and creators. Moreover, you can flexibly choose from a diverse set of copy templates and watch Simplified’s AI writer do its magic!

Time to Simplify Copywriting!

Create content in seconds, deliver on-brand content and push out innovative campaigns that get results.

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