Why is a Logo Important? Here are Six Compelling Reasons!

Why is a Logo Important? Here are Six Compelling Reasons!

Starting your own business is a huge step! It could be something small you’re running from your living room or a bigger endeavor with a whole team. Either way, there’s a lot of work that happens behind the scenes before you launch your business. One thing that is absolutely essential before your business goes public is a logo. Why? Because almost always, your logo is the first thing your customers will associate with your business apart from the name! This makes it a key part of your brand identity. A good logo is the first step to the successful branding of your business. Not convinced yet? Let’s dive a little deeper into the importance of a logo.

The Importance of Logo Design


A logo is a visual identifier for your brand and gives your audience its first glimpse into the business. It can be colorful or monochrome, have text, graphics, or both! Whatever you decide to go with, make sure it’s memorable. Here are six reasons you should focus on the importance of a logo along with your other business objectives.

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1. It Makes a Great First Impression

In an ideal situation, your target audience will engage with your business from the time it’s launched! While this may seem unachievable, a well-designed logo definitely helps you move a step closer. One of the main reasons we direct your attention to the importance of a logo is because it can garner the attention of your audience from the get-go. First impressions are often lasting and you want yours to be good!

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2. It Creates a Connection


Since your logo becomes a part of your brand identity, it automatically fosters a connection between your potential customers and your business. If you intend to create merchandise down the line, you can strengthen this connection by adding your logo to the products. Here, the importance of a great logo design is that it’ll help your business be remembered and convert potential customers into brand loyalists.

3. It Improves Your Brand Recognition

If you’re entering an industry that already has a lot of similar businesses, you should look for ways to stand out from them. Here’s where the importance of logo design comes in yet again. A design that encompasses your offerings and values will help your customers recognize your brand for what you offer. Successful branding is an important step, but continuing to stay relevant is also necessary and a well-designed logo can help you do just that.

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4. It Makes You Look Professional

At the end of the day, customers will only engage with your brand if they feel like it’s one they can trust. When you look around, you’ll quickly realize just how few businesses operate without a logo. Barely, any right? That’s because almost universally, brands and businesses recognize why logos are important. Having a logo means you look more professional and more “legit”!

5. It Creates Standard and Consistency


Whether you have one product or fifty, you want your customers to come back to you over and over. You’re probably wondering how the importance of a logo design would fit in here. It’s quite simple! One logo that goes on every product you make shows the world that there’s one umbrella under which all of these items can be found. And once your customers buy a product and enjoy it, they’re more likely to invest in other items from your company. What better way for them to remember your brand than by its logo? Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

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6. It Can Go Everywhere

Starting an Instagram page or planning to advertise on a billboard? Merchandise is not the only thing your logo should go on – you can use it anywhere you want to talk about your business. The more places you want to be seen, the more places you should be using your logo. And the more places you use your logo, the better your brand identity. If you need to use the logo of another brand like Twitter or Instagram to indicate your business presence on those platforms, you can also use Simplified’s tool to add other brand logos to your visual creations.

Now that we’ve looked at why logos are important, let’s take a quick look at how you can create one as part of a successful branding plan. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend huge sums of money to hire someone and have them create a logo for you. Depending on your personal needs, you can find something simple that works for you.


Here’s where Simplified’s logo maker can help you. As you can guess from the name, it’s super simple to use! With no complicated code and a range of logo templates to choose from, this tool is the best online logo maker you can find.

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After choosing a template, you can add images, various fonts, or changing colors to make your logo uniquely yours. And for an added kick, you can also animate elements of your logo to make it pop! Plus, it’s absolutely free! Whether you’re a design newbie or an expert, this logo maker’s got you covered.

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