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Better design with Photo text, grouping & faster writing with AI long-form editor

In the past two weeks, we have been working to bring you more, more and more

Long for AI Writer

Simplified design templates

It’s coming soon!  🎉  We don’t know about taking over the world, but our AI Assistant will definitely take over your workload! Loki has now even more templates and learned to help you write your best copies yet!

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Versatility is key for a great design. Now, with Simplified, export your artboards as SVG or with a transparent background, and apply it for whatever suits your fancy! Transparent is the new black! 😉

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Photo Text & Faster Grouping

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Have you ever changed your designs because it was taking too long to materialize your idea? Yes, we’ve all been there! But no more! With our faster grouping, waiting is a thing of the past. Because time is money, right? Design faster, earn more, with Simplified.

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Like you, I’m excited to build this from the ground up. Keep in touch with the team on Twitter as we #BuildInPublic or meet like-minded creators, marketers around the world at Simplified Facebook Community

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Reach our support team using the chat service within Simplified for personalized support.

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