9 Father’s Day Marketing Ideas For Every Small Business

9 Father’s Day Marketing Ideas For Every Small Business

Every year, the third Sunday of June is dedicated to fathers all over the world. It’s a beautiful occasion to connect with family members and gifting is a great way to show some love to fathers. While small businesses may not have the budget for a full-blown Father’s Day campaign, there are still several ways they can show their appreciation for dads this year. Here are nine of the best Father’s Day marketing ideas to get started.

Top 9 Father’s Day Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business in 2022!

1. Organize a Father’s Day contest

Make your community feel special and organize a contest for them. This is a great way to create a campaign that increases brand awareness and engagement. The best thing about Father’s Day is that every brand can build a connection with it. You can ask your audience to share the photos of their fathers and their own pictures. If you want to create a direct relationship with your brand, you can add a unique touch.

For example, for a cooking brand- ask your audience to post a picture while cooking with their dads.

Similarly, you can launch many types of contests. Make the activities simple so that they add to the special value of Father’s Day and spark that emotional connection. In the end, it’s not just about winning the contest but also about having fun!

2. Create a fun quiz

Quizzes are another fun way to get more engagement for your brand. You can create a quiz that is about celebrating favorite fathers on TV or Netflix. Quizzes can be competitive but they can also be made just for fun.

For example, have a personality quiz for different types of dads. This could be as simple as a series of stories on social media. You can even create a full landing page to ask the audience to participate and give them a small discount coupon.

3. Launch an email marketing campaign

Email marketing has stood out as among the most efficient ways to engage with your audience. However, you must carefully target your audience and try to personalize the emails as much as possible. For example, send them their wishlists with a discount coupon. You can also launch a campaign to ask users to subscribe to your newsletter and get exclusive deals.

4. Share a relatable video post

Father’s day advertising can reach great avenues with a video post. If you think that video production is too expensive, create an alternative with stock resources. You may use a mix of product videos and images to add value to your script. Make sure that you have a tight script that resonates with your audience. At the same time, it should also make them think about your brand. Share it on all your social handles and boost it further for brand awareness.

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5. Revamp your home page

Your website is among the most important assets. Every campaign and landing page will lead to your home page. So make sure that you make it a part of your Father’s Day marketing. You can add a new banner talking about your campaign. You can also show up your recommended products to gift to fathers this day. Create a section exclusively for Father’s Day marketing and lead your target audience with a compelling CTA (call-to-action).

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6. Create an on-site campaign with pop-ups

Add website pop-ups for the occasion and ask them to be a part of your campaigns. You may also offer them a discount on reaching your page this day. Sales and discounts are among the best Father’s Day promotion ideas to ensure conversions. Add a countdown sticker to create a sense of urgency.These pop-ups can be built for a variety of purposes apart from sales. For example, you can ask for a newsletter subscription or follow your social media handles.

Use this template

7. Curate a gifting guide

There is no surprise, Father’s Day is among the best days for gifting. And many of your audience and searching for the best things to gift their dads. How about helping them out by creating a guide?You can create guides in many ways. Create them on social media like Instagram. You can also create a researched blog and share it with your community.

8. Add a personal touch to the packaging

In today’s time, personalization is the best way to success for every business. Your customer wants to feel special! And Father’s Day is all about feeling special for dads of all ages.So make sure that you add your brand’s touch to the packaging design. It could be as simple as a thank you note with the recipient’s name. And if you want to be creative, add a cute Father’s Day quote, poem, or a free gift.

9. Extend the Father’s Day celebration

Special occasions like Father’s Day come only once a year. Make the best out of it and plan a celebration across days. You can plan the entire month of June for the appreciation of dads. Or you can organize a bunch of activities for the full week. This will give more time for audiences to connect with your brand and engage with it.

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