Your Ultimate Guide To Nonprofit Marketing

nonprofit marketing

The vision behind any nonprofit is that of kindness and thinking of the greater good. Nonprofits can range from organizations that advocate for the rights of marginalized groups, to a collective of environmental activists trying to keep trash out of beaches.

Most of these organizations run on tight budgets because of limited resources from donation funds. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use those resources to promote and spread your message! Effective nonprofit marketing will help you find people who resonate with you and wish to join you on your mission.

To help you out, we bring you our Simplified guide to build a nonprofit marketing plan that will help you get the right people on board!

Create SMART goals

create smart goals and achieve

(Source: Toolshero)

Your nonprofit may have a vision, but to bring it to life, you need a direction. And a direction comes from laying down what your organization’s goals are. Remember to make your goals SMART:

  • SSpecific: Ensure your nonprofit marketing plan is distinct and not vague.
  • MMeasurable: You should be able to track your progress towards your goals.
  • AAttainable: Make sure that your goals are ambitious but can be achieved practically.
  • R- Relevant: Take account of all the current resources and the needs of your nonprofit.
  • T- Time-Based: Your nonprofit marketing goals should be executable and can be achieved by a given end date.

Platforms for your nonprofit marketing plan



(Source: National Organization For Women) Your nonprofit website is the place for your audience to get to know your cause and join you in it!

Building a website is a fundamental tool for your nonprofit’s marketing, and also for providing a home to all your initiatives, past work, mission statement, and so much more. It is the go-to place for anyone to find out more resources on how to help your organization!

Some important features to include on your site:

  • Donation details
  • List of future and past events
  • Social media links
  • Contact details
  • Image gallery

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

(Source: Natalie Whisler) Emails and newsletters help you reach your supporters in a professional, yet personal way!

For every 1,000 email addresses, the average organization has 474 Facebook fans, 186 Twitter followers, and 41 Instagram followers.” – Double the Donation

Whenever someone signs up to be a part of your organization and support your cause, offer them more ways to connect with you. Since you can’t individually text or call people for your future events or give them news related to your mission, email newsletters can widen your reach!

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Social Media and Blogs

Social Media and Blogs

(Source: Annie Evans) Having a strong social media presence can significantly help in signal-boosting your events through shares and reposts!

It can be difficult to budget a website developer and domain, especially if you are a grassroots organization. But with social media and WordPress blogs, you can find and grow your reach through organic nonprofit marketing tactics – for free!

  • Social media: Find out which platforms your supporters most use. The most popular nonprofit advertising takes place on Instagram **or Twitter.
  • Hashtags: Follow social media hashtags that you support, for example, #BLM.
  • Stories: Post stories about events related to your nonprofit mission.
  • Engagement: Engage with your followers via comments, livestreams, DMs, and resharing their posts.
  • Blogs: Write engaging content for your readers. One of the best ways to discover potential donors and volunteers is through SEO-optimized blog articles!

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