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How To Create Custom Clips On The AI Video Clips

Simplified AI Video Clip Tool offers an intuitive way to create custom clips, making it easier for you to produce engaging and personalized video content. This tool leverages advanced AI technology to generate short clips from your videos, perfect for social media, marketing, and educational purposes. It’s beneficial because it saves time, enhances productivity, and ensures your content is tailored to your audience’s needs.

Go to the AI Video app:

Log into your Simplified account go to your dashboard then click on AI Video App. You can find it in the list of available apps.

login simplified app


Click on AI Video:

Once you are in the AI Video app, click on the “AI Video” option. This will open the AI Video interface.

Click on AI Video


Click on “Generate with AI”:

On the AI Video interface, you will see a button labeled “Generate with AI“. Click on this button to proceed.

Generate with AI


Click on “AI Clips”:

In the next screen, you will see different options for generating video content. Click on “AI Clips” to use the AI-powered clip generation feature.

AI clip generator click


Choose a source to upload videos:

You can either upload a video file from your device or paste a link from YouTube or Google Drive to import your video.

upload youtube video link


Select Your Preferred Template (landscape, square, or portrait)

  • Choose a template that suits your needs. Templates help format the video in different orientations: landscape for widescreen, square for platforms like Instagram, and portrait for stories and mobile viewing.

  • Or, if you don’t want to choose any template just simply click on the Skip template section button. The AI will automatically generate the clip for you, simplifying the process even further.

select template style


skip template & Generate


Click on Next

Once you have selected your template, proceed to the next step by clicking on the “Next” button.

Click on “Language spoken in video”:

Specify the language spoken in your video. This will help the AI algorithm better understand and generate accurate clips.

select the spoken language


Click on “Advanced options” for additional settings:

If you want to customize the clip generation process, you can click on “Advanced options”. This will allow you to adjust settings such as clip duration, number of clips, and more.

Click on Advanced Settings and duration


Click on “Generate Clips”:

Once you have set your preferences, click on the “Generate Clips” button. The AI algorithm will analyze your video and generate relevant clips based on the provided parameters.

Your Short AI Clips Are Ready

Click “Generate Clips” to let the AI create several short clips from your video. This process takes a few moments.

Click on Create Custom Clip:
To create a clip tailored to your specific requirements, click on “Create Custom Clip”.

Click on Create Custom Clip


Adding Custom Information

  • Adding Custom Information: Put information on title, description; start time, end time; select clip size:

  • Title: Enter a descriptive and catchy title for your clip.

  • Description: Add a brief description to provide context and highlight key points.

  • Start Time: Specify the start time of the segment you want to clip. This can be done by entering the exact time or using a slider.

  • End Time: Set the end time for the clip. Ensure it captures the complete segment you wish to highlight.

  • Select Clip Size: Choose the appropriate size for your clip. Options may include predefined sizes for different social media platforms or custom dimensions.

Click on Generate:

After entering all the necessary information, click “Generate” to create your custom clip. The tool will process your inputs and produce the clip accordingly.

put clip information

Your Customized Clip is Ready:

Your personalized clip is now ready. You can preview it to ensure it meets your expectations. If needed, you can further edit the clip, download it to your device, or schedule it for posting on various platforms.

For more resources and tutorials, users can visit our Simplified Academy or our Help Center.

Also, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel for more tips and tutorials on using the AI Video Clip Tool. Subscribe now to stay updated with the latest features and updates!

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