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How To Use The AI Assistant To Improve Scripts On The AI Script to Video?

When creating videos, having a professional and compelling script is essential to capture your audience’s attention and convey your message effectively. Simplified AI Script to Video tool includes an AI Assistant feature that helps you refine and enhance your scripts, making them more polished and impactful. This system allows you to adjust your script’s tone and style to match your desired voice, ensuring a professional outcome.

Here’s how you can use the AI Assistant to strengthen your scripts.

Log in and Access Simplified App Dashboard: Begin by logging into your Simplified account. Once logged in, navigate to the app dashboard where all the app functionalities are easily accessible.

login simplified app


Navigate to AI Video: From the dashboard, locate and click on the AI Video option. This will lead you to the section where you can generate videos using AI capabilities.

Click on AI Video


Generate Video with AI: Select the “Generate with AI” option to initiate the video creation process. This feature integrates AI to assist in various aspects of video production.

Generate with AI


Choose AI Text to Video: Among the options presented, select AI Text to Video. This feature allows you to transform textual content into engaging video presentations.

AI Text to Video


Select Script to Video: When prompted with different methods to create your video, opt for “Script to Video.” This selection directs the AI to focus on translating your written script into a visual narrative.

Click on Provide a Script


Specify Video Topic: Define the central theme or topic of your video in approximately 20 words. This step helps guide the AI in understanding the context and tone of your script.

Write a New Script: Craft your script directly within the platform. Simplified provides a text editor where you can compose scripts up to 500 words in length, ensuring your content is concise yet comprehensive.

script to video


Click on Next: After making any necessary edits to your script, click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next stage of video creation.

click on next


Utilize AI Assistant: Click on the AI Assistant feature embedded within the platform. This tool offers several options to refine your script:

  • Improve: Enhance the clarity and impact of your content.
  • Shorten: Condense the script while maintaining key messages.
  • Lengthen: Expand upon ideas or add detail as needed.

AI Assistant option


Navigate Through AI Options: After making adjustments with the AI Assistant, proceed by clicking “any option” to move forward in the script enhancement process.

Customize Voice and Tone: Tailor the voice and tone of your video script to match your desired style:

  • Professional: Suitable for business presentations and formal content.
  • Brand Voice: Reflects your organization’s unique identity and messaging.
  • Tone: Adjust the emotional or narrative tone to align with the video’s purpose and audience engagement.

Click on Professional


select brand voice


Finalize and Generate: Once satisfied with the script revisions and customization, click “Use this voice” to apply your selections. Then, click “Generate” to initiate the creation of your enhanced video script.

Click on Use this voice


Click on generate 1


For comprehensive guidance and tutorials on optimizing your experience with Simplified, explore our dedicated Academy or visit our detailed Help Center.

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This step-by-step guide equips you with the tools and insights needed to transform your scripts into impactful video content with the assistance of Simplified innovative AI technology.

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