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How To Combine Videos?

Combining multiple video clips into a single, cohesive video is now easier than ever with AI-powered tools. Simplified Merge Video Tool allows you to effortlessly merge your videos into one seamless clip. By simply uploading your videos, the tool will automatically merge them within seconds, providing you with a professional-quality video that you can download or further edit as needed.

Steps to Combine Videos:

1. Go to the Simplified App Dashboard through Login:

  • Start by logging into the Simplified app with your credentials. Once logged in, you will have access to the various features and tools available on the platform.

    login simplified app


2. Click on AI Video:

  • On the dashboard, navigate to the “AI Video” section. This will open up the suite of AI-powered video tools.

    Click on AI Video


3. Click on Quick Tools:

  • Within the AI Video section, locate and click on “Quick Tools” to find a range of video editing options.

    quick tools


4. Click on Merge Video:

  • From the quick tools menu, select “Merge Video” to start the process of combining your video clips.

Click on Merge Video


5. Click on Drop Here or Browse:

  • You will be prompted to upload your videos. You can either drag and drop your files into the designated area or click on “Browse” to select them from your device.

    Click on Drop here or browse for combine videos


6. Click on Add Media (to Upload More Videos):

  • If you need to add more videos to the merge, click on “Add Media” and upload additional clips.

    Click on Add media…


7. Click on Merge Videos:

  • Once all your videos are uploaded, click on the “Merge Videos” button. The AI will process and combine your videos into a single clip.

    Click on Merge Videos


8. Combine Video Ready:

  • Your combined video will be ready in just a few seconds. You can preview the merged video to ensure it meets your expectations.

9. Click on Open Editor (to Make Edits):

  • If you wish to make further edits to the combined video, click on “Open Editor.” This will allow you to make additional adjustments, such as trimming, adding effects, or inserting text.


Bonus Link: How To Edit Videos

10. Click on Download:

  • Once you are satisfied with your combined video, click on “Download” to save it to your device.

    Download Combine video


By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily merge your videos using Simplified Combine Video Tool. For more resources and tutorials, visit our Simplified Academy or Help Center.

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