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How To Slow Down A Video?

Have you ever noticed how slowing down a video can add a touch of elegance and captivation to your content? Whether you’re highlighting a moment of suspense or simply aiming to create stunning visuals, mastering the art of slow motion can significantly enhance your video projects. Simplified video speed changer Tool offers an intuitive speed control feature that allows you to tailor the tempo of your videos to match your creative vision seamlessly.

Access the Simplified App Dashboard:

  • Begin by logging into your Simplified account and accessing the intuitive dashboard where all your editing tools are conveniently located.

login simplified app


Navigate to AI Video:

  • Once logged in, locate and click on the ‘AI Video’ option from the navigation menu. This will take you to the video editing interface where you can perform various editing tasks.

Click on AI Video


Create a New Video or Open Your Project:

  • Depending on whether you’re starting fresh or continuing an existing project, select ‘New Video’ or open your ongoing project.

select project

Select Your Video:

  • Once inside your project workspace, choose the video file you wish to edit by clicking on it. This will open up the video editing timeline and interface.

Adjust Video Speed:

  • Locate the speed control feature within the editing tools panel. This option typically appears as a slider or numeric input where you can adjust the playback speed of your video.

Click on Speed


Set Your Preferred Speed:

  • To slow down your video, drag the speed adjustment slider to the left. The slider’s position directly correlates with the playback speed: moving it left decreases the speed, while moving it right increases it.

Drag highlighted element for speed


Preview Your Changes:

  • After adjusting the speed, click on the play button within the video preview window to see how your video looks with the new speed setting applied. This step allows you to fine-tune the effect to your liking.

play button


Export and Download:

  • Once satisfied with the slow-motion effect and overall edits, proceed to export your edited video. Click on the export button, follow any additional prompts if necessary, and then download the finalized video file to your device.

Alternative Method (Method 2 – Quick Tool):

Click on Quick Tools:

  • Within the AI Video section, locate and click on “Quick Tools” to find a range of video editing options.

quick tools


Select Speed Video Option:

  • Within the Quick Tool interface, locate and click on the ‘Speed Video’ option.

Click on Speed Video…


Upload Your Video:

  • You will be prompted to upload your videos. You can drag and drop your files by click on “Browse” to select them from your device.

upload video for speed


Adjust Speed Settings:

  • Once the video is uploaded, you’ll see a speed adjustment slider or similar control. Drag the highlighted element left to decrease the speed for slow motion or right to increase it for fast motion.

speed level


Apply and Edit:

  • After setting the desired speed, click on the ‘Apply’ button to confirm the changes.

Download Your Video or Edit:

  • You can then proceed to further edit your video using Open Editor. Once all edits are complete and you’re satisfied with the result, finalize by clicking on the download button. This action will save the edited video to your device for sharing or further use.

download your speed control video


For more detailed guides and resources on mastering video editing techniques like speed control, visit our Simplified Academy or explore our comprehensive Help Center. Enhance your editing skills and unleash your creativity with Simplified AI Video Tool.

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