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12 Chatbase Alternatives To Try in 2024

Chatbots are no longer difficult to communicate with. Thanks to Chat GPT being built into Chatbots, customer communications are smooth and efficient. Level up the brand experience you provide with tools like Chatbase. With this tool, you can truly enhance the experience for your customers. But if you thought Chatbase was the only tool to build no-code chatbots, think again! We’ve gathered some incredible Chatbase alternatives for you in this article for elevating your chatbot AI strategy.

12 Chatbase Alternatives That You Can Explore In 2024

AI customer support streamlines processes and increases efficiency. They’re an excellent way to add that little extra advantage to your business. Chatbase is a popular option but it won’t hurt to know what else is out there. Here are a few Chatbase alternatives to consider –

1. Simplified

Source: Simplified

The easiest way to build a chatbot for your brand is with Simplified! You can set up a system to provide consistent and effective customer interactions. With this ‘no-code’ option, all you have to do is ‘add a new bot’, give it a name, and design its aesthetic to suit your brand – whether it’s in colors or a modern font. With Simplified you can –

  • Train it to work for you simply by uploading a URL or files
  • Edit responses and behavior to work better for your customers
  • Embed the chatbot as a bubble or into your website

Along with these well-designed chatbots, you will be providing your customers with:

  • A personalized experience
  • Consistent interactions
  • Effective customer support


You can get started for free and the basic version is free forever!

  • Basic subscription – 50 message credits every month + buy additional credits as you need
  • Pro subscription – $12 per month for 4000 message credits. 7-day free trial.
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2. Botsonic

Source: Botsonic

This incredible Chatbase alternative was created by Writesonic and needs no code. It enables anyone, even with no background in the field, to produce customized chatbots (AI) in just a few minutes. These are the highlights of Botsonic:

  • Uses ChatGPT-4 features to guide interactions with your customers
  • Highly customizable & interactions are trained to match your brand’s tone and style
  • Works across digital touchpoints, 24/7
  • Customer interactions are personalized
  • Improves customer experience, reduces operational costs 
  • Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) for interpretation & interactions
  • Supports multiple languages

Pricing: Writersonic’s Business subscription plan gives you access to Botsonic.

  • Beginner plans start at $20 per month for individuals and small teams
  • Business plans start at about $19 per month
  • The Enterprise package is for large businesses and starts at about $1000 per month
  • Offers custom features, contact their sales team for pricing

3. Chatfuel

Source: Chatfuel

Chatfuel can help you build chatbots that grow sales and support customer interactions. Here’s why we think it’s a great platform –

  • Uses GPT-4
  • A user-friendly platform with advanced features for customer interactions
  • Easy to use – just enter the elementary details of your business -> let it provide engaging communications to your customers.
  • Its NLP isn’t as refined as Botsonic so it’s not appropriate for complex chatbots


Chatfuel has two plans available:

  • Grow subscription – $79/month with a 2-week free trial
  • Enterprise subscription -contact their support team for custom prices

4. Fini

Source: Fini

Fini uses ChatGPT tech to deliver excellent customer support in the form of an AI chatbot builder. The highlights of Fini include –

  • Easy navigability – just connect to your knowledge base
  • It creates a chatbot that interacts with your customers 24/7
  • Supports integrations with Slack, Discord, etc.
  • Learns & scales alongside businesses


Fini offers 3 different pricing plans

  • Starter -Free and offers you up to 25 questions/month
  • Advanced – $.076 per question with up to 10 thousand questions/month
  • Enterprise – Unlimited questions and volume discounts, plans begin at $9,599 billed annually

5. Ingest AI


Ingest is a no-code builder that allows anyone to create a chatbot assistant. The AI assistant you produce will be able to process questions from users and respond effectively.

  • Create customized chatbots
  • Powered by GPT
  • Keeps your employees well-informed & saves time
  • Automates repetitive tasks
  • Provides instant responses and improved customer experience


Ingest offers three subscription plans –

  • Starter plan at $39 per month
  • Pro plan at $89 per month
  • Business plan at $480 per month

The free trial includes 100 requests

6. Yuma AI


Yuma AI is well-known for being able to integrate with helpdesk software. Features you need to know about Yuma AI include –

  • It’s specially designed for businesses that use Shopify
  • It automates functions. For example – drafting responses to customer care executives
  • Adapts to your brand’s tone of voice
  • Enhances efficiency by summarizing conversations, issuing instructions and generating responses
  • Supports upto15 languages and various integrations


Yuma AI only offers a week-long free trial and its plans include –

  • Starter plan – Begins at $39/month offer
  • Starter + plan – Begins at $99 per month
  • Pro plan – $195 per month
  • Evolve plan – $495 per month
  • Enterprise plans are customized to suit specific needs

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7. BotMagic AI


BotMagic is excellent for everyone from startups and small businesses to established enterprises and even hobbyists. Why is it so popular? Here are its key features –

  • Enables anyone to optimize, develop and manage their chatbots
  • Chatbots enhance productivity within the workplace
  • They integrate with your internal data source
  • Assists employees to perform with better efficiency
  • Can be trained to suit your specific business data and organizational needs
  • Streamlines operations


BotMagic offers varied pricing that depends on the model or templates you choose. Contact the BotMagic team for pricing.

8. Yellow AI


Yellow AI’s no-code bot builder allows anyone to set up an AI chatbot for their business. Here’s what you need to know about it –

  • It uses the Dynamic Automation Platform
  • Enhances productivity and uses OpenAI API(GPT-3) model to automate answers for frequently asked questions
  • It offers both chat and voice bots in several languages and channels. Its user-friendly interface makes navigation easier and automated workflows enhance efficiency.


Yellow AI offers two plans –

  • Basic plan – This is free with limited features
  • Enterprise plan – Gives users multiple channels, unlimited bots and advanced settings. Price on request.

9. Robofy

Robofy is designed in such a way that it can be integrated into your website in just a few minutes. Highlights of Robofy include:

  • Seamless integration with CRM systems and messaging platforms
  • Enables excellent data synchronization and workflow
  • A user-friendly platform that works 24/7
  • Supports multiple languages and the response language can be customized
  • The chatbot can be trained to learn on the job. It improves its responses based on feedback given by customers


  • Free plan allows it to crawl up to 5 pages of your website
  • Basic plan begins at $9/month
  • Enterprise plan could go up to $279/month. It includes advanced features.

10. LetsAskAI

Source: LetsAskAI

LetsAskAI is another popular chatbot with a wide range of features to improve your customers’ experience. Here’s what you need to know about it –

  • Integration is super easy and you can customize the chatbots to suit your business
  • It has a high level of encryption so it only stores raw text
  • Provides multiple language support
  • Integration is straightforward


  • Basic plan begins at $19 per month
  • The Advanced plan starts at $499 per month. This is ideal for businesses

11.Chat Thing AI

Source: ChatthingAI

Chat Thing AI’s chatbots connect with data on various platforms including your website and Notion pages for better efficiency. It’s easy to integrate via the iFrame and here are a few other features you should know about-

  • It uses GPT – 3.5/4 depending on the plan you’re using
  • Provides support 24/7 so your customers don’t have to wait for an answer
  • Its chatbot is connected to different channels and can be used from anywhere


  • Free plan – ideal for small projects or business ventures
  • Basic plans begin at $14/month
  • Standard plan is $49/month
  • Pro plan is $99/month
  • Enterprise plans start at $299/month


Source: Drift

Drift is a high-powered AI-based platform that provides conversational customer support. It works through a variety of avenues besides chat. Here’s what you need to know about Drift –

  • It operates on conversational marketing, sales and service
  • Connects marketers to visitors in real-time to direct visitors to pages they’re interested in
  • Custom chatbots
  • Aids in closing sales
  • Works 24/7 to converse with your customers
  • Real-time notifications
  • Its Conversational Landing Pages (CLPs) convert visitors and direct them to sales right away


  • Premium plan –Starts at $2500/month billed yearly. Best suited for small businesses
  • For the Advanced and Enterprise plans that offer more features to help your business grow, contact the team for a quote.

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In Conclusion

Automation is the buzzword these days, from design automation to AI workflow automation and everything in between. Productivity tools are highly sought after. Simplified’s AI Chatbot is a great alternative to Chatbase on many levels. With Simplified you can design chatbots that can be trained to work better for your brand. Responses and behavior can be edited to improve your customer interactions and provide personalized experiences.

Personalize Customer Experience With A Chatbase Alternative!

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