10 Amazing Product Description Examples For Increased Sales (Free tool and tips inside!)

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Ever purchased a product even when you didn’t really need it? All of us are guilty of a spending spree for pleasure, but the underlying point to note is – what made you do it? Most times, it’s a marketing gimmick achieved with the help of a very basic yet incredible aspect of marketing: the product description. In this blog, we’ll help you understand what makes a product description powerful with examples.

An effective description has the potential to convince the customer to click the “BUY NOW” button and leads to successful conversions.

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Descriptions can help your online store rank higher, and boost conversions for your site’s visitors.

We’ll help you do the same for your brand! A good description can be difficult to create, despite its immense power. When you have a large list of products to work through on your product page, writing each description can be mind-numbing and difficult. We’ve broken the process of creating descriptions down into five simple guidelines that will help you write content that sells.

What is a Product Description?

A product description is an element of marketing text that explains and describes the features and benefits of your product. In other words, it gives your website all of the information and data about your product.

The product description might take the form of a single phrase, a brief paragraph, or a list of bullets. They might be serious, humorous, or quirky. Descriptions are often found directly next to or beneath product names and pictures. They might be scannable marketing points or be longer and more descriptive.

Product descriptions may be written in a variety of styles and formats for your eCommerce business, but they are much more than just basic copywriting.

Tips On Creating Good Product Description With Examples

1. Identify your target audience

Defining your target audience is the first step in creating product descriptions. You’ll want to be able to determine which characteristics are most appealing to potential customers.

Understanding your buyer persona, which is a summary of the qualities of your potential consumers, is the first step. Your buyer persona will help determine which characteristics your consumers will find most useful, and which to focus on in your description.

identify your audience-product description

Descriptions targeting a specific audience can help bridge the gap between what your brand is and who your customers are.

2. Decide on the best way to describe your products

It’s critical to decide on the best structure to use before beginning to write your flawless product description.

Because some online buyers just scan descriptions on websites, using bullet points that highlight the most crucial product features may be beneficial. Bullet points should be used for specifications (such as measurements) or brief phrases (such as characteristics) to make your description easier to read.

So a balanced formula to a solid description would be Paragraph(s) of Prose + Bullet list of Specs/Features.

choose your formula-product description

Description with bullet points does a great job of highlighting the products and features.

3. Talk about the unique features

The difficulty is that potential consumers aren’t as concerned with little details as you may be. They want to know what’s in it for them, and how it will help them solve their biggest problems. That is why you must emphasize the advantages of each feature in the description.

mention unique features-copy ai

Use relevant texts and keywords in the description to help the page rank higher.

4. Use Conversational Tone and Language

Does your description seem like a real discussion you’d have with your friend if you read it aloud? Or does it sound like a series of words produced by a computer?

If your product description doesn’t seem like something you’d say naturally about the product, it’s time to breathe new life into it. Using a natural tone, such as the one you would use in a real discussion, will enable your audience to connect with your business.

conversational example-copy ai

Create a description that focuses on your core audience and “speak their language”.

5. Understand when to show, tell, and describe

When it comes to describing your products, lots of text isn’t always the greatest option. Consider how you can simplify it if you’re becoming overly wordy. Customers remember visuals because they have more impact. If at all feasible, display your product description in a graphic that describes what it does.

Videos are another excellent way to demonstrate how to use a product or to explain why it is superior to others. To communicate their statement, many businesses employ use multimedia descriptions consisting of images and text.

show,tell, describe butterscotch example-copy ai

Product page elements are an influential aspect of the description.

5 Product Description Examples

1. Emotional Approach

emotional approach-method example-copy ai

Use storytelling in your description as emotions inspire people.

2. Make Content Scannable

scannable content-orange juice example-copy ai

Descriptions must be easy to skim and scan while conveying holistic info.

3. Use Power Words That Sell

use powerful words-beet juice example-copy ai

4. Get Technical to be Credible When Needed

Credibility-Canon camera example-copy ai

A well-informed description helps make a consumer connection to the product.

5. Entice With Social Proof

social-beanbag example-copy ai

Descriptions contribute to a positive customer experience and to the credibility of your business.

How To Create Good Product Descriptions Using Simplified’s Free AI Tool

With Simplified it’s easy to create great product descriptions. The human touch it adds to the copy AI description is a game-changer. Use it to spread your description on multiple social media channels. Moreover, use the descriptions for Instagram, website, blogs, ads, and more to see how your customer base responds.

Check out the video below to get a clear understanding of how Simplified’s product description template tool works before creating one for your brand. Moreover, learn how to use all our copy AI & design features seamlessly on Simplified Academy.

5 Product Description Templates

Below are some examples of the different types of descriptions that can be created using our copy AI product description generator:

1: Design, Copy AI and Collaboration Platform

Simplified example-ai text generator-product description

2: Tech News Website

TechSpot example-ai text generator-product description

3: Handmade Journals

Kiwi example-ai text generator-product description

4: Skin Care Product

Minimalist example-ai text generator-product description

5: Ceramic Wall Tiles

Majestic Ceramic example-ai text generator-product description

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To Sum Up

The marketing copy that describes what a product is and why it’s worth buying is known as a product description. The goal of this description is to provide buyers with enough information about the product’s characteristics and benefits to make them want to buy it. And our free product description generator can help you do just that!

Simplified also provides the company bio to deliver more targeted prospects and customers through content. And the best part is that our description copywriting tool is free!

One Free app to design, collaborate, and scale your work – try Simplified today.

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