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How to Write the Perfect Survey Invitation Email: 10 Best Practices

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Creating the ideal email for survey invitations is important if you want to achieve a high response rate. According to a response rate calculator, only major global brands are likely to achieve the 25% mark in customer surveys, with the average response rate for email surveys of roughly 14%.

A well-written survey invitation may seem simple, but it will make or break the reader’s decision between taking the survey or sending it straight to the trash. The secret is knowing how to write an email for a survey.

In this blog post, we’ll share 10 best practices for writing survey invitation emails that will help you get more responses. By following these best practices, you can create an email that will encourage more people to take your survey and guarantee a higher open rate.

10 Best Practices When Writing Emails for Survey

1. Avoid spamming

If you want a high response rate for email surveys, make sure your email does not go into a spam folder. You won’t get a high click-through rate if your email has been recognized as spam.

One thing you can do is improve sender reputation by regularly monitoring and addressing any issues flagged by spam filters.

  • Avoid words like “Enter to win,” “Great Deal,” and anything that says limited-time offers.
  • Make sure your email is clutter-free without too many pictures or links.
  • Use a valid email address to send out and not “”.

2. Optimize subject lines for survey emails

The majority of mobile devices only display the first six words of a subject line, so try to keep it as brief as you can. Make it interesting enough so that people will want to click right away. With so many emails received each day, your email survey invitation may easily be overlooked in the inbox.

  • Keep it short and catchy with 60 characters or less.
  • Personalize and add the recipient’s name.
  • Avoid using all caps or other symbols.

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Get them to click the survey link after they have opened the email. Place the link or button near the top of the email body. Don’t let them read sentences that might change their mind. Keep survey invitation emails straightforward because people have a short attention span and only read emails for a very short amount of time. If you want to say something more about the survey invitation, you can put that part below the survey link.

4. Tell what’s in it for the respondents

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Explain the purpose of the survey and what the respondents will get in return. Be clear about the topic in your survey invitation.

  • Let your customers know that they will have the opportunity to shape future business decisions and improvements.
  • Increase survey response rates by appealing to the feelings of your customers and their desire to feel needed.
  • Call them dependable and loyal, and say that you value their opinion.

5. Tell how long it takes to complete the survey

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Make sure to specify how long the survey should take the reader. If you are unable to predict how long it will take them to finish the survey, let them know how many questions are there. In this way, respondents can accept the commitment and avoid feeling trapped when the survey lasts longer than expected.

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6. Offer incentives and show gratitude

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Be thankful for their time because they could have simply disregarded the invitation, but instead, they opened the survey invitation and participated.

  • Thank them in advance even if they haven’t taken the survey.
  • Give them a simple reward for completing the survey.

Fair warning, participants can become more focused on finishing the survey to get the rewards rather than providing truthful responses.

7. Make sure it comes from a real person

survey invitation from real person

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Email for survey invitations should only come from a real person and not a robot. Include a C-Level executive’s or a trusted decision maker’s email signature to earn the trust of the respondents. By knowing there’s a real person behind it, people will most likely want to participate.

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8. Be clear about data privacy rules

Inform the respondents if you will be collecting their personal information, or if it is required for the survey or not. Being clear and respecting their data privacy helps build trust.

  • Including a link to your privacy statement.
  • Let them know where the information will be used.
  • Assure them that their responses will be kept private and confidential.

9. Keep it simple

Keep it brief and direct. If your survey invitation is lengthy, your audience might assume the actual survey will also be long.

  • Avoid overusing language that could confuse users.
  • Don’t over-explain.
  • If you want to add more info for the reader such as FAQs, redirect them to links.

10. Have a clear CTA

You don’t want the readers to leave or close the survey invitation without taking any action. Include a call to action with clear instructions leading them directly to the survey.

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