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150+ Artisinal & Aesthetic Candle Business Name Ideas

150+ Artisinal & Aesthetic Candle Business Name Ideas

Starting a candle business is more than just a spark of inspiration—it’s about igniting a passion for creating beauty and ambience. Candles have the power to transform spaces, elevate moods, and tell stories through their unique scents and designs.

Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or a budding entrepreneur, stepping into the world of candle making offers endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. From selecting the finest wax and wicks to blending exquisite fragrances, every element contributes to the final masterpiece.

But before you light the wick on your first candle, one crucial step sets the foundation for your success: choosing the perfect name for your brand. In this blog post, we’ll explore over 150 artisanal candle business name ideas, each crafted to inspire and guide you in creating a brand that truly aligns with your unique style.

Nature-Inspired Names

  1. Forest Glow Candles
  2. Meadow Magic Creations
  3. Ocean Breeze Candle Co.
  4. Sunset Serenity Candles
  5. Mountain Mist Creations
  6. Whispering Woods Candleworks
  7. Riverstone Candle Company
  8. Gardenia Grove Candles
  9. Pinecone Paradise Creations
  10. Sunflower Fields Candle Co.
Nature-Inspired Names
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Seasonal and Holiday-Themed Names:

  1. Autumn Aura Creations
  2. Springtime Scents Candle Co.
  3. Summer Solstice Candles
  4. Holiday Hearth Candleworks
  5. Harvest Hues Candle Company
  6. Festive Firelight Creations
  7. Spooky Season Scents
  8. Valentine’s Velvet Candles
  9. Easter Elegance Candle Co.
  10. Winter Wonderland Candles

Cozy and Comforting Names

  1. Cozy Cabin Creations
  2. Snug & Scented Candle Co.
  3. Warm Embrace Candles
  4. Fireside Flicker Creations
  5. Hygge Haven Candleworks
  6. Comfy Cozy Candle Company
  7. Cuddle Up Candle Co.
  8. Woolly Warmth Creations
  9. Toasty Tidings Candleworks
  10. Hearth & Home Candles

Cozy and Comforting Names
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Vintage and Retro Names

  1. Vintage Vibes Candle Co.
  2. Classic Charm Creations
  3. Antique Aromatics Candleworks
  4. Timeless Treasures Candles
  5. Nostalgic Nectar Candle Company
  6. Retrograde Revival Creations
  7. Vintage Velvet Candle Co.
  8. Old Soul Scents Candleworks
  9. Retro Revival Candle Company
  10. Retro Radiance Candles

Luxury Candle Names

  1. Luxe Luminary Candle Co.
  2. Royal Radiance Creations
  3. Majestic Mosaic Candleworks
  4. Regal Riches Candle Company
  5. Prestige & Purity Candles
  6. Elegant Essence Creations
  7. Summit of Sophistication Candles
  8. Luxurious Luminance Candle Co.
  9. Grandeur Glow Creations
  10. Opulent Oud Candles

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Minimalist and Modern Names

  1. Modern Muse Candle Co.
  2. Simplicity & Serenity Creations
  3. Clean Slate Candleworks
  4. Minimalist Magic Candles
  5. Contemporary Comfort Candle Co.
  6. Urban Aura Creations
  7. Zenith Zest Candle Company
  8. Sleek & Simple Scents
  9. Pure Essence Candleworks

10. Zen Zephyr Candles

Minimalist and Modern Names
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Whimsical and Playful Names:

  1. Enchanted Ember Creations
  2. Playful Pixie Candleworks
  3. Fairy Flicker Candles
  4. Dreamy Delights Candle Company
  5. Magical Moments Creations
  6. Unicorn Glow Candle Co.
  7. Whirlwind Wonders Candleworks
  8. Starlight Sparkle Candles
  9. Wonderland Wax Creations
  10. Whimsy Wicks Candle Co.

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Mystical and Fantasy-Inspired Names:

Fantasy-Inspired Names

Source: Unsplash

  1. Enchanted Elixir Candle Co.
  2. Witchy Whispers Creations
  3. Mystical Melodies Candleworks
  4. Spellbound Scents Candle Company
  5. Alchemy Aura Creations
  6. Enigma Essence Candles
  7. Celestial Sparkle Candle Co.
  8. Druid’s Dream Creations
  9. Fantasy Flame Candleworks
  10. Mystic Moonlight Candles

Gourmet and Food-Inspired Names:

  1. Gourmet Glow Creations
  2. Bakery Bliss Candleworks
  3. Delightful Desserts Candle Company
  4. Culinary Comfort Creations
  5. Spice Symphony Candles
  6. Decadent Delights Candle Co.
  7. Flavorful Flames Creations
  8. Confectionery Candleworks
  9. Savory Scents Candle Company
  10. Sweet Treats Candle Co.

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Travel and Adventure-Themed Names

  1. Adventure Aromas Candle Co.
  2. Nomad’s Nook Creations
  3. Odyssey Olfactory Candleworks
  4. Globetrotter Glow Candle Company
  5. Explorer’s Essence Creations
  6. Journey Jars Candle Co.
  7. Expedition Elixirs Candleworks
  8. Safari Scents Candle Company
  9. Voyager’s Votive Creations
  10. Wanderlust Wax Candles

Artistic and Creative Names

candle business names

Source: Unsplash

  1. Artisan’s Aura Creations
  2. Canvas & Candleworks
  3. Creative Canvas Candle Co.
  4. Artful Aromatics Creations
  5. Brushstroke Blaze Candle Company
  6. Visionary Votive Candleworks
  7. Masterpiece Moments Candle Co.
  8. Artistic Alchemy Creations
  9. Inspired Illumination Candleworks
  10. Palette Pleasures Candle Co.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Names

  1. Eco Essence Candle Co.
  2. Sustainable Spark Creations
  3. Earth-Friendly Flames Candleworks
  4. Renewable Radiance Candle Company
  5. Eco Chic Creations
  6. Nature’s Nectar Candle Co.
  7. Sustainable Scent Creations
  8. Green Guardian Candleworks
  9. Eco Enchantment Candle Company
  10. Green Glow Candles

Wellness and Mindfulness Names

  1. Zen Zone Candle Co.
  2. Mindful Moments Creations
  3. Tranquil Trails Candleworks
  4. Calm & Cozy Candle Company
  5. Peaceful Presence Creations
  6. Harmony & Hearth Candle Co.
  7. Blissful Being Candleworks
  8. Serenity Source Creations
  9. Inner Light Candle Company
  10. Serene Soul Candles
Wellness and Mindfulness Names
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Glamorous and Glitzy Names:

  1. Glitz & Glamour Candle Co.
  2. Radiant Royalty Creations
  3. Golden Glow Candleworks
  4. Diamond Dazzle Candle Company
  5. Luxe & Luminous Creations
  6. Glam Goddess Candles
  7. Starstruck Scents Candleworks
  8. Opulence Olfactory Candle Co.
  9. Glamourous Glow Creations
  10. Sparkle & Shine Candles

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Classic and Timeless Names

  1. Timeless Traditions Candle Co.
  2. Classic Charm Creations
  3. Everlasting Elegance Candleworks
  4. Vintage Vibe Candle Company
  5. Heritage Hearth Creations
  6. Time-Honored Tapers Candle Co.
  7. Classic Comfort Candleworks
  8. Enduring Enchantment Creations
  9. Timeless Treasures Candle Company
  10. Eternal Essence Candles

Botanical and Floral Names:

11. Petal Pusher Candles

  1. Lily Lane Candle Company
  2. Rosewood Aromatics
  3. Lavender Luxe Candles
  4. Blossom & Bloom Candleworks
  5. Jasmine Joy Creations
  6. Peony Perfection Candles
  7. Wildflower Wonders Candle Co.
  8. Orchid Oasis Creations
  9. Tulip Time Candle Company
candle business names
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