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The 5 Best Jasper AI Alternatives for AI Copywriting (Free and Paid)

The 5 Best Jasper AI Alternatives for AI Copywriting (Free and Paid)

If you’ve wandered over to this page, you’re likely searching for the answer to this question – Is there an AI like Jasper Ai? Yes, and you’ve arrived at the right place! In the guide ahead, we’ll explore the 5 best Jasper AI alternatives that offer advanced AI copywriting tools. Jasper AI isn’t the only player around anymore.

Why is AI Copywriting Relevant for my Business?

As of 2022, digital skills are the most in-demand across industries. Forbes forecasts that the consumption of virtual content will break records and reach numbers never seen before. What does this mean for businesses? It means that it’s no longer enough to just have a website and an email address. Your content needs to stand out in an ocean of billions of posts from different brands on social media! If you’re struggling to write captivating content, an AI copywriter can help. There are lots of options, so let’s find out which Jasper AI alternative could be your new best friend.

5 Best Jasper Ai Alternatives for AI Copywriting

1. Simplified (Free Forever)


💰 Pricing: Free Forever Plan or Small Teams Plan from $8/month

Simplified is the world’s first design platform to offer advanced AI copywriting tools. Simplified is an all-in-one platform that lets you design, edit, and publish all in one place!

The platform uses the latest AI technology, GPT-3, and is also mobile-friendly! Furthermore, you have access to 30+ AI copywriting templates.

With all these amazing features, what’s next? Let’s look at why else Simplified is one of the best free Jasper AI alternatives in 2022.

🟢 Simplified Pros🔴 Simplified Cons
✔️ One-Click-Editing Tools: Features handy AI design tools like Magic Resizer and Background Remover to make designing faster, easier, and crisper. Also includes a one-click animation tool to up your social media game!✘ Can’t download designs with a transparent background or customize download quality (yet).
✔️ Built for Teams and Brands: Allows you to create shared workspaces with your team, comment in real-time, and provide feedback on projects. Upload your own assets, enter custom fonts, use your brand’s visual media to create unlimited brand kits.✘ Doesn’t have a built-in presentation mode (yet).
✔️ AI Copywriting Generator: Access to multiple copywriting templates with different variations of virtual content including, but not limited to, blogging, social media, e-commerce, and branding.
✔️ Powerful Social Media Calendar: From brainstorming to publishing, Simplified is with you all the way. Ideate, design, edit, and publish all on one platform!
✔️ Integrations: Choose from millions of free high-resolution images from Unsplash. Link your Simplified account to Google Drive for a personalized design experience!
✔️ Mobile-Friendly: Works just as well on smartphones as it does on desktops!

Create an account for free on Simplified and discover why it’s such a great Jarvis alternative for yourself!

2. Writesonic (Paid)

💰 Pricing: Starts from $25/month, $300 billed yearly

If you were to search for an AI like Jasper, Writesonic might also come up in the results. This AI-powered copywriting tool can generate marketing content for any business in seconds. With a few keywords or lines of text, the software can generate ads, blog posts, landing pages, and more.

However, unlike Simplified, Writesonic ONLY offers AI copywriting services.


The software isn’t equipped for creating stunning visual designs for social media or your website.

🟢 Writesonic Pros🔴 Writesonic Cons
✔️ Free 7-Day Trial: Allows you to test drive the features of the platform before subscribing.✘ The software isn’t built for teams. There are no options to comment in real time or give feedback to your team in a shared workspace.
✔️ Integrations: Has handy integrations like Shopify, Magic Email, and Cloudfare.✘ Not mobile-friendly. Writesonic is optimized for use on desktop.
✔️ Technology: Runs the latest AI technology, GPT-3 (like Simplified).✘ Doesn’t support content management of visual media, including videos.

Writesonic is a good Jasper alternative if you only want AI copywriting services. However, Simplified offers the same features and more, for free!

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3. Peppertype.AI (Paid)

💰 Pricing: $35/month, $300 billed yearly

Peppertype helps marketers, product managers, and content creators to generate consumer-focused marketing copy. This copy is generated by entering product names and descriptions into the platform. Let’s take a quick look at why Peppertype.AI could be a good Jasper alternative for your business.


🟢 Peppertype.AI Pros🔴 Peppertype.AI Cons
✔️ Free Trial: Limited to 10,000 words, after which you’ll have to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.✘ Doesn’t support any other languages except English. This could be a roadblock if you’re working with an international team for a global audience.
✔️ Teamwork: Helps teams by organizing folders and sharing links.✘ Doesn’t allow commenting in real-time for collaborative teamwork.
✔️ Mobile-Friendly.✘ Doesn’t support content management for visual media, like videos or animations.

Want to know how Peppertype.AI compares to ? Read our comprehensive guide on the features, pricing plans, and UX for each platform!

4. Snazzy AI (Freemium Plan + Paid Plans)

💰 Pricing: $25/month, billed yearly

Snazzy uses AI to generate content ideas that are always on trend. The platform uses its own proprietary machine language along with GPT-3 for campaign building and AI-based copywriting. While Snazzy isn’t a free alternative to Jasper, it’s a worthy opponent nonetheless!

snazzy-ai-screenshot-jarvis alternative

🟢 Snazzy Pros🔴 Snazzy Cons
✔️ Free Plan: Limited to 5 credits per day, after which you need to upgrade to a paid plan.✘ Not Mobile-Friendly: Snazzy’s services work better on desktop.
✔️ Integrations: StoryChief,, PoweredLocal, ClickSend.✘ Not Multilingual: Doesn’t support any other languages except English.
✔️ Copywriting Templates: Offers 30+ AI copywriting templates.✘ Not for Teams: Doesn’t have features for commenting in real-time, creating a shared workspace, or organizing folders for your team.

5. ShortlyAI (Paid)

💰 Pricing: $79/month, $65/month if billed yearly

ShortlyAI is a handy Jasper alternative for bloggers and marketers because it generates long and short-form content. ShortlyAI also offers sentence modification commands to speed up your writing process. Let’s take a look at why it’s featured on our list of Jasper alternatives:

shortlyai-screenshot-jarvis alternative

🟢 ShortlyAI Pros🔴 ShortlyAI Cons
✔️ Free Trial: Test drive the services for 4 runs only, then upgrade to a paid plan.✘ Relatively Expensive: In comparison to its competitors, ShortlyAI is costly for small teams and individuals. Their pricing plans are more suitable for mid-size to large businesses.
✔️ Supports Long-Form Content: Just like Simplified, ShortlyAI is one of the few Jasper alternatives that offers long-form content generations.✘ Not for Teams: Doesn’t offer the features of collaborative teamwork like commenting in real-time and organizing folders for teams.
✔️ Integrations: Markdown.✘ Not Multilingual: Doesn’t support any other languages except English.

Read our guide to find out more about ShortlyAI and how it compares to Simplified !

Simplified is built for teams, which makes it a wonderful and free alternative to Jasper

So, whether you’re a digital marketer, content creator, or freelance copywriter, it’s never been easier to generate stunning copy in seconds.

If you’re a small business or an independent creator, the most cost-effective, all-in-one platform is Simplified.

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