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15 Promotional Ads Examples For Your Brand (Free tools + Resources included)

15 Promotional Ads Examples For Your Brand (Free tools + Resources included)

Ads have always played an important role in the commercial world, allowing brands to effectively compete for the attention of consumers. You can’t rely on a one-time announcement or word-of-mouth talk to retain a continuous stream of consumers, whether the items and services your business offers are a need, a luxury, or simply a touch of whimsy. That’s where promotional ads come in to help marketers achieve increased sales and awareness.

With handy tips, a FREE tool – Simplified AI Promotional Ads Generator and interesting examples below, let’s get into how to use promotional ads to your benefit.

Promotion Vs Advertising

Promotion vs advertising times square promotional ads Simplified copy ai
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Advertising (ads) and promotional ads are two forms of marketing that can work together to get better outcomes. Advertising your brand is a long-term, continuing activity that aims to

  • increase client loyalty
  • update customers about new products or services, and
  • improve your business.

So, ads are a one-way form of communication that is designed to appeal to customers’ emotions and encourage them to buy your product or service.

What are Promotional Ads?

Promotion is a type of short-term marketing technique that uses instant customer incentives to improve sales (motivations).

clothes rack promotional ad Simplified copy ai
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Few goals of promotional advertising efforts are:

  • Brand identification
  • brand equity, and
  • establishing an emotional bond with potential customers.

Promotional advertising campaigns are excellent for creating awareness of your company’s brand or directly lead to sales, due to increased offers and referrals.

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Why do businesses need promotional ads?

Promotion and advertising are essential in making potential customers aware of your company and the advantages of doing business with you. Advertising is concerned with increasing sales, whereas promotional ads strategy is concerned with increasing client awareness.


Promo ads include incentives such as sales and offers for a limited period.

The objective of promotional ads is to encourage customers to buy the item right away rather than later. Examples of promotional advertising are:

  • limited period offers
  • coupons for a few cents off, and
  • “buy one, get one free” deals.

How to identify if your business needs promotional ads?

Revenue and promotions are usually intertwined, while advertising can lead to future sales. A 20% discount on some goods might result in sales and attract new consumers. Ads in the newspaper don’t always reap conversions. Because of this relationship between promotional ads and sales, small businesses may find it simpler to do product marketing. Moreover, promotion is a more cost-efficient method for increasing sales for smaller businesses.

How to Create Promotional Ads Using Simplified’s (Free) AI Copywriting Tool

Get copy AI ads that bring new clicks and increases eyes on your pages and products. All in an instant. Just enter your brand name, type up a brief description, add a few keywords and click Generate Now. Voila! Fresh, new ad descriptions in seconds.

Simplified’s AI Assistant creates promo ads for copywriting and guarantees standing out among competitors. Today, with changes in lifestyle and an increased need to create content speedily, marketers are shifting from traditional forms of advertising. With Simplified’s Ads Generator you can create short promo ads that intrigue readers in an instant!

Simplified engaging content promotional ad copy ai
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Create Promotional Ads With Us & Sky-rocket Your Sales! Fun examples below:

1: Promo Ads For Trading App

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example trading app
Source: Simplified

2: Promo Ads For A Gaming App

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example gaming app
Source: Simplified

3: Promo Ads For An Apparel Company

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example
Source: Simplified

4: Promo Ads For Jewelry Business

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example Jewelery Business
Source: Simplified

5: Promo Ads For A Bakery

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example Bakery
Source: Simplified

6: Promo Ads For Banking

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example banking
Source: Simplified

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7: Promo Ads For Power Generators

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example power generator
Source: Simplified

8: Promo Ads For Wine Tasting

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example wine tasting
Source: Simplified

9: Promo Ads For Online Payment Service

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example online banking service
Source: Simplified

10: Promo Ads For Beverage Company

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example beverage company
Source: Simplified

11: Promo Ads For Carpooling Service

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator  Example carpooling service
Source: Simplified

12: Promo Ads For Collaboration Platform

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example collaboration platform
Source: Simplified

13: Promo Ads For Dental Clinic

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example dental clinic
Source: Simplified

14: Promo Ads For Event Management Company

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example event management company
Source: Simplified

15: Promo Ads For Antivirus Software

Simplified AI Promotional Ad generator Example antivirus software
Source: Simplified

Sometimes doing less is more, and Simplified’s Promotional Ads Generator helps you do just the right amount. The copy AI writer lets you focus on the brand’s voice and goals with Promo ads copywriting. Further, use the copy to increase organic CTR and in blogs, and even social media to feel the love from followers.

Check out the video below to get a clear understanding of how Simplified’s Promotional Ads copywriting tool works before creating a copy for your brand. Moreover, seamlessly learn how to use all our copy AI & design features on Simplified Academy.

To Sum Up

Promotional Ads usually involve an immediate incentive for buyers and makes your brand buzz-worthy. These ads not only reward loyal customers but also attracts new prospects, increases sales, and repurchase rates. Also, we can help you do that and much more with our copy AI generator! Moreover, with Simplified’s AI, you can create Promotional Ads to deliver more targeted prospects and customers through content. The best part is that the Promo Ads copywriting tool is free!

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