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Crafting an Impressive Social Media Manager Resume: A Comprehensive Guide

Crafting an Impressive Social Media Manager Resume: A Comprehensive Guide

Looking to fast-track the hiring process to land a social media manager role or opportunity you’ve been eyeing?

You’re in luck because today, we have a complete guide in store for you. If you want your application to stand out, it all starts with a top-notch social media manager resume.

Keep reading to learn how to write a social media manager resume step by step.

1. Plan on tailoring your resume to the role or opportunity you’re seeking

Never send a generic social media resume to a potential prospect or HR manager. 


Customizing your resume according to the role you’re interested in is crucial to demonstrating that you have expertise and credibility for the specific niche and use case that people are looking for. 

This is especially important if you have potential clients that need you to write social media posts centered around complex or nuanced topics. 

For example, if you are planning on applying to roles in social media for cybersecurity companies, or for any companies working in development, one of the skills that a social media manager should have is to know how to integrate different platforms and manage user authentication. 

This means that you should be familiar with the technical aspects of how different social media sites communicate and share data. 

You should know the difference between SAML vs. OAuth, two common standards for exchanging user information and authorization between applications. SAML vs. OAuth is important to understand if you want to create seamless and secure user experiences across different social media platforms. 

You can demonstrate your knowledge of this topic by writing about it in your resume or mentioning it in your cover letter or during a potential interview.

2. Include a captivating personal statement 

Write a personal statement summarizing the benefits of hiring you and why prospects should pay attention to your resume. This resume section sits right below your contact information — so make sure it’s short, easy to read, and grabs your target employer’s attention!

Here’s an example:

“Need a social media manager that specializes in B2B SaaS content? I’ve been helping unicorn SaaS companies win over clients via social media for the past five years — and I can help your organization do the same! Keep reading to learn more about how I can help you achieve your goals faster than anyone else can.” 

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3. Showcase your best work

Screenshot and display your best Instagram grids, shine the spotlight on specific social media posts you knocked out of the park, and include summarized case studies breaking down your most successful campaigns. You could also include a separate case study section dedicated to your best social media campaigns.

4. Break down your social media management process

Give your prospect a taste of what it’s like to work with you by summarizing your social media management process. 

Walk them through how you strategize topics, batch content, monitor brand sentiment, do mobile analytics, and generate leads 

Be sure to also cover which social media tools you’re proficient in, including social listening apps, social media calendars, and content planning software, such as AI writing assistants, editing tools, and search engine optimization tools. 

5. Summarize relevant work history 

Share any relevant work experience your prospect would find value in.

Start your sentences with strong action verbs, such as “specialized,” “coordinated,” “managed,” and “hosted,” to help prospects quickly grasp the social media tasks you took care of.

Be sure to include who you worked for (i.e., agencies, B2C businesses, B2B businesses, influencers, non-profits, churches, etc.), the verticals you covered, and the social media platforms you specialized in.

Don’t forget to tailor each experience summary to the job or opportunity you’re applying for. For instance, if you’re applying for a social media advertising role, focus each of your job summaries on the advertising activities you managed. 

Here’s an example summarizing three previous social media advertising roles: 

  • Social media intern at Winsgate Restaurant Royale: Specialized in conducting research for the restaurant’s social media marketing to shine the spotlight on Winsgates’ newest locations across New York and Los Angeles.
  • Entry-level social media manager for Dalton Hotels: Helped social media coordinators create relevant content for video advertising campaigns on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. 
  • Social media director for AppsNow Agency: Specialized in planning user-generated content campaigns to collect positive sentiments to showcase in paid ads.

*Note, the examples above are just starter sentences — they’re not fully summarized.

6. Include a section that reviews your education, certifications, and specialized training 

Include an education section that quickly describes any relevant degrees, certifications, and social media training you have.

You can also include major internships, if you’ve read and analyzed top-rated marketing books, collaborations, and unique experiences that contributed to your success.

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7. Add a social media skills section

Include a section that covers your top social media manager skills.

Be sure to include any specific:

  • Communication skills
  • Creative skills
  • Technical skills
  • Soft skills
  • Social media process and search engine optimization skills
  • Community management skills
  • Project planning skills
  • Ad strategy skills 
  • Content strategy skills

8. Include positive testimonials and customer reviews

Build trust with potential clients by showcasing social proof, such as LinkedIn testimonials, customer reviews, and positive brand mentions.

Here’s an example:

“Sara has a knack for boosting audience engagement and creating social media campaigns that convert. We don’t know how we’d tackle our social media strategy without her!”

9. Include a competitive advantage section 

What makes you different from other social media managers? Before ending your resume, include a value proposition that specifies your competitive edge.

For instance:

“As a social media specialist who’s helped 45+ marketing teams turn their social media channels into lead-generation systems, I know a thing or two about content strategy. If you’re ready to generate awareness and attract qualified prospects, reach out for a custom action plan. I can’t wait to create a social media strategy that transforms your online presence into a high-converting sales machine.”

10. Wrap up your resume with a short invitation to reach out 

Finally, add a quick outro that encourages the hiring manager or prospective client to follow up with you. 

For instance: 

“Want to learn more? Feel free to check out my portfolio here: ________ or shoot me an email at estersanchez***”

We’ve also included this as a prompt in the template below:

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Social media resume template 

Now that you know how to craft your social media manager resume, use a resume template to complete each step. 

Here’s one we created just for you!

Social Media Manager Resume Template

<Professional Headshot>

<Your First and Last Name>
<Specific Role You’re Applying For>
Portfolio: <Portfolio URL>
<Website URL>

Email Address: <Professional Email Address>

Personal Statement: 

Social Media Campaign Spotlight:

<Link to a web page or screenshot campaign images and paste here>

Social Media Management Process:


<Role>, <Company> (<Company Website>); <Location>

–– <Start Date> – <End Date>

Specialized in  ____________________ in the following verticals: ____________________

  • Performed …
  • Wrote …
  • Managed …
  • Created …
  • Led …
  • Coordinated …

<Role>, <Company> (<Company Website>); <Location>

–– <Start Date> – <End Date>

Specialized in  ____________________ in the following verticals: ____________________

  • Performed …
  • Wrote …
  • Managed …
  • Created …
  • Led …
  • Coordinated …


University of <Name>, <Location>

–– <Degree Type> in <Degree Specialty>, <Year>

<____ Academy>, <location>

–– Certified <Specialty>, <Year>

Social media skills:

  • Community management, strategizing advertising campaigns, …

Reviews and testimonials:

“_____ is one of our most trusted and valued _____. They always _____ with _____ and _____. Highly recommend!”

–– <Reviewer’s First and Last Name>, <Role> at <Company>, <Website>

“_____ helped us …”

–– <Reviewer’s First and Last Name>, <Role> at <Company>, <Website>

Competitive Advantage:

Want more info? Check out my portfolio here: __________________.

Or, shoot me an email at: <Professional Email Address>

Wrap up 

And there you have it! Today we showed you how to write a social media manager resume in 10 simple steps. 

Now, it’s your turn to put these insights into action. 

Here’s a checklist you can use to organize the process:

Social Media Marketing Manager Resume Creation Checklist

  • Copy and paste the Social Media Manager Resume Template into a new Google Doc
  • Tailor your resume according to the role or opportunity you’re seeking
  • Include a captivating personal statement
  • Showcase your best work in the “Social Media Campaign Spotlight” section
  • Break down your social media management process
  • Summarize your experience history
  • Fill in the education section 
  • Fill in the social media skills section
  • Include positive testimonials and customer reviews
  • Fill in the competitive advantage section
  • Wrap up your resume with a short invitation to reach out to you

And that’s it!

Here’s to your success!

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