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Simplified Raised $2.2M Pre-Seed. Here’s What’s Next.

Simplified Raised .2M Pre-Seed. Here’s What’s Next.

It started with an idea– enabling creativity and collaboration for all. The vision, making creative tools simple & accessible to everyone again. After moonlighting over several months, that vision evolved into building

The place where people can do more with less, work together, and unleash their creativity”

In October 2020, I left my job to embark on the journey. (post here)

Today, I am thrilled to announce we raised pre-seed funding of $2.2M+ with participation from strategic investors to build one app to create, collaborate and scale your brand. Craft Ventures led the round with participation from several notable investors, including Superhuman founder Rahul Vohra & Todd Goldberg, Ex CPO, Uber Manik Gupta, Hiten Shah, Teachable founder Ankur Nagpal, Ajay Yadav, CEO & Founder of Roomi, Form capital, 8Bit capital, Earl Grey capital, GFR Fund, MyAsia VC, and several others.


I’m so thankful for the overwhelming response, and the reception has truly humbled me. Building in public is something I value a lot so stay tuned as I share my fundraising experiences, company updates, and much more. #buildinpublic #raiseinpublic

Why Now?

When I started prototyping the idea for Simplified last year, the world was on the brink of a content revolution. The pandemic had led to more users creating and consuming content online faster than ever— filling in the gaps where traditional media was failing. We’re building Simplified to meet the next generation’s demand for beautiful content, collaboration, and hyper-fast growth— all in one place.

As content formats get lighter and more interactive, today’s marketing demands velocity and coordination to deliver consistent, on-brand content. The market’s existing tools are slow, siloed, not collaborative, and simply fail at providing users and companies the help they need to grow. Too many tools and formats to launch a simple marketing campaign make the process inefficient, expensive, and extremely difficult to scale.

Design and collaboration platform for all your marketing

So, what’s next? 

🚀 We’re building a remote-first team. Come join us.  

From day 0, we started building a diverse, 100% remote-first team. Are you a full-stack engineer or a designer? Send me a DM or email us at [email protected].

🚢  We’re #BuildingInPublic. Follow the journey.

I’m so grateful for the outpouring of support for the app. As founders, we care about building a good product with our users, so here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. We’re on a first-name basis. If you sign up for early access, I will onboard you personally.
  2. Total transparency. You’ll see every part of our process as we build this thing together.
  3. Freedom to speak your mind We’re ready to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly if it means we make the best product you’ve ever used.
  4. We keep it simple. We’ll give you everything you need to thrive while using our platform.

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We are committed to building a powerful app so you can design, scale, and publish at lightning speed.

💬 Chat with us

Like you, we are also starting from scratch to build something new. Have thoughts, ideas, feedback, or questions? You can email us.

KD Deshpande
Design, Write, Edit videos, and Publish Content. Built For Teams.

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