Why Are Some Colors More Effective in Increasing Sales?

The psychology of color has been extensively researched and scientifically proven to affect the emotions of the viewers. Color can be effective in marketing your brand to establish strong brand recognition and influence your viewers’ decision making.

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Color is an important element of design that has the power to trigger emotions and influence consumer behavior.

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5 Colors That Increase Sales and Why:

Picking the right color for your marketing campaign or your brand is like walking a tightrope, because you want the colors you choose to trigger positive emotions in your audience.

  • Red – Red is a potent color because it is also used to signal danger and error. However, used sparingly and with the right elements, red triggers action. The color symbolizes energy, excitement, and passion.
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    • Red is effective in creating a sense of urgency, therefore, the color is best used for impulse buying and sales. Use red as a CTA for sale signs and promotions.

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Blue – Think of the color blue as the antidote to red – while red arouses the nervous system, blue inspires tranquility. With blue, we are trying to quell anxiety in the viewers by offering them a visual connection to freedom and security.

Where to Use Blue 

  • Blue is traditionally used by big companies that deal in medicine or insurance or finance – inherently big, scary things that involve important decisions about your personal life.
  • Blue on a white background is also one of the most readable types in design, which is effective in marketing important information.

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 Another important reason to consider using blue for increasing sales is because people with visual deficiencies, especially color blind people, perceive blue much more clearly than most colors.

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Popular Brands That Use Blue

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  • Green – Green evokes the themes of nature and the environment, along with stability in money. For this reason, green is most commonly used by brands that promote sustainability, wellness, as well as financial growth companies. Using the color in your marketing will increase sales because it creates visual pathways that relate to tranquility and harmony, elements that are found in nature, like trees.Where to Use Green
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    Where to Use Green
    • ‘Go Green’ is a powerful tagline used to encourage companies to embrace more eco-friendly practices for environmental preservation.
    • The color is effective when used in packaging material, or recycling infographics because it establishes its relationship to nature and renewal.
    • Use the color for your CTA as it also signifies prosperity.
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    Popular Brands That Use Green

    green logo examples
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  • Black – Black is emblematic of mystery, sophistication, and elegance. Black is one of the most commonly used colors for branding within the retail industry. The color is popular for increasing sales as it provides greater readability especially when contrasted with a white background, like the ASOS logo.asos logo in black minimal via Diginomica

    Where to Use Black:
    • Black is used by many high fashion and luxury brands for their logos.  Mainly because of its simplicity when used in minimal shapes in design.
    • The color dominates a plain background to create powerful color boundaries. These highlight the section of design which is being advertized – use black for minimal logos and bold text.
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    Popular Brands That Use Black:

    luxury logos

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  • Silver – The industries of technology and business are partial to the color silver because it is evocative of prestige, wealth, and modernity. Silver has a lightness that is more uplifting than gray. The color is neither black or white, which symbolizes balance.

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  • For example, MacBooks are sleek and lustrous, and all Mac products can be distinctively identified by their cool, silver exterior.

    Where to Use Silver:
    • Silver assures the customers that the products they’re purchasing are modern, and expertly crafted. Use silver for products and services heavy on metal and machinery.
    • The color is most suited for the hi-tech computer industry, as well as other scientific and innovation companies that promise performance.

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    Popular Brands That Use Silver:

    logos grey

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