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How To Clip A YouTube Video?

Clipping a video means taking a segment from a longer video to create a shorter, standalone piece of content. This can be incredibly useful for a variety of purposes, such as sharing highlights on social media, creating promotional material, or emphasizing key points from a longer video. Using a video clip tool simplifies this process, allowing you to create these shorter clips quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort. With just a few steps, you can transform a lengthy video into concise, impactful clips that are ready to share.

Simplified provides an AI clip tool that can help you shorten your YouTube videos effortlessly. Whether you prefer to generate clips with a template or let the AI do the work for you, Simplified tool makes the process straightforward and user-friendly. Let’s explore how you can clip a YouTube video using simple methods.

1. Go to the AI Video App from the Dashboard

  • Access your Simplified account and navigate to the dashboard where you will find various tools and options available for content creation.

2. Click on AI Video

  • From the dashboard, select the AI Video option to enter the video editing and generation interface.

Click on AI Video


3. Click on Generate with AI

  • Within the AI Video interface, choose the option to generate clips using AI technology to simplify the process.

Generate AI


4. Click on AI Clips

  • Select the AI Clips feature, which is specifically designed to help you create short clips from longer videos.

AI clip generator click

5. Paste Your YouTube Link

  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to clip and paste it into the provided field in the AI Clips interface.

upload youtube video link


6. Click on Upload

  • After pasting the YouTube link, click the upload button to allow the tool to process the video and prepare it for clipping.

click on upload


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7. Select Your Preferred Template (landscape, square, or portrait)

  • Choose a template that suits your needs. Templates help format the video in different orientations: landscape for widescreen, square for platforms like Instagram, and portrait for stories and mobile viewing.

  • Or, if you don’t want to choose any template just simply click on the Skip template section button. The AI will automatically generate the clip for you, simplifying the process even further.

select template style


skip template & Generate


8. Click on Next

  • Once you have selected your template, proceed to the next step by clicking on the “Next” button.

click next button


9. Click on Language Spoken

  • Indicate the language spoken in the video so that the AI can accurately process and generate subtitles if necessary.

select the spoken language


10. Click on Clip Settings

  • Access the clip settings to customize various aspects of your video clip.

  • Choose Optimal Clip Duration: Specify the optimal duration for your clip. This helps the AI understand how long the generated clip should be.

Click on Advanced Settings and duration


11. Click on Generate Clips

  • Allow the AI to generate the clips based on your specified settings and preferences.

Click on Generate Clip


12. Click on Proceed

  • After the clips are generated, click on “Proceed” to move forward with reviewing and selecting your clips.

Now Click on Proceed


13. Your Short AI Clips Are Ready

  • Now, select any suitable clip. You can choose to publish it, download it, or edit it.

ai clips ready


14. To Edit the Clip:

  • Select the “Edit” option to make further adjustments to your clip.

click on edit clip option


  • Click on Transcript and Edit It: View the automatically generated transcript and make any necessary corrections.
  • To Edit Any Word: For precise editing, click on specific words in the transcript, correct them, and save the changes.

correct the text


  • Click on Style: Access styling options to enhance the visual appeal of your clip.
  • Select the Subtitle Style: Choose from various subtitle styles to ensure readability and aesthetic alignment with your content.

  • Click on Style Colors: Customize the color scheme of your subtitles and other text elements.

  • Click on Text Case: Adjust the text case (e.g., uppercase, lowercase) to match your preferences.

caption style


style caption


  • Set Video Speed and Volume: Modify the speed and volume of your video to better suit the intended audience or platform.
  • Click on Clip and Get Options for Effects, Filters, Animation

  • Click on Play Button to Preview All Changes

different for editing clip


15. Click on Export and Download

  • Once you are happy with the edits, export the final version and download it for use.

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By following these detailed steps, you can easily create and edit your video clips, making your content creation process smoother and more efficient. Happy clipping!

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